Is RGP lens or special contact lens better than using spectacles after C3R?

RGP [Rigid Gas Permeable] Lenses seem a good option for many who expect better clarity than spectacles. There are some special lenses also available called Rose K Lenses.


Poor vision is on many accounts:

  1. The disease of keratoconus itself which makes the cornea weak. ‘Kerato’ means cornea and ‘conus’ means cone shaped. The cornea in keratoconus cases is ‘wavy’ on the surface. So even if treated by C3R or crosslinking surgey, the basic “waviness” or irregular surface of the cornea does not get treated. Spectacles do not touch the cornea unlike contact lenses which sit on the cornea and flattens it out (hence the science behind use of rigid or special Rose K lenses which has better mechanical pressure compared to soft lenses to flatten out the irregularities). Due to this lenses give better clarity. Although one cannot expect to see extremely well or normally
  2. Also one may be needing cylindrical powers. Such powers in ill fitting or loose spectacles distort vision. So, again lenses are a better option.


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