Q.2 If I clear the tests is the procedure is safe and will it pose any problems in future? Will I get a cataract or any other eye problem due to LASIK?

Ans.   The LASIK procedure has been tested for a long time and over a million people undergo this procedure every year. Many published data proves that it does not have any long term effects.

Dr Anand Shroff is a very meticulous surgeon. He will not advise LASIK for you if he has the slightest doubt about its results. Only when Dr Shroff is confident that you will benefit from it, is when he advises LASIK. This is why you will find Dr Shroff personally checking your eyes and taking the pre LASIK maps and data, unlike many centres that leave these steps to their juniors or technicians.

Any event in your life which can change the internal eye optics such as getting a cataract  or a retina problem is due to age, diabetes and other reasons. Yes, this would affect vision. But these events  would have occurred respective of LASIK. These conditions are not related to LASIK and need to be treated independently. These are events which happen internally within the eye, while LASIK and EpiLASIK procedures work on the surface of the eye.

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