Q.5 How is Shroff Eye LASIK different from other centres offering LASIK?

Ans.    We are very pleased to offer you the finest, most individualized laser vision correction existing today, not available anywhere else in India.

Instead of a ‘sales call’, it starts with a careful evaluation and concern of the health of your eyes, visual needs, and lifestyle. And instead of just performing the laser treatment, we’re committed to taking care of you after your procedure to ensure a great long-term result!
Our laser treatments are customized using the most advanced laser technology in the world today – The Concerto 500 Hz laser technology, to produce consistent, safe and accurate vision results.

Advantages of our technology over other lasers (the only Concerto Laser in India)

  •  Saves upto 40% corneal tissue as compared to most lasers hence able to treat higher numbers much safer.
  • Accuracy of treatment since we use the fastest laser – takes 1/5th the time that other lasers
  • Precision, even if your eyes move during treatment- as this laser has the Fastest Eye Tracker, which tracks your eye at 500 times a second
  • Faster healing and visual recovery -resume work on Day 2
  • Due to corneal savings we can treat patients which other centers cannot who otherwise on other lasers would have been left with a residual error (number)
  • Many lasers have between -5.00 D and -7.00 D spherical and up to – 3.00 D cylindrical as their upper limit of a safe treatment, hence higher chances of residual errors. Our upper limit is -12.00 D spherical and – /+6.00 D cylindrical.

Furthermore, LASIK is not only about the laser, but the experience and skill of the surgeon is extremely important.  If that were not the case, then even an ordinary technician would have been treating your eyes!

Dr Anand Shroff, is one of India’s leading LASIK surgeons.

  • He is one of 5 course instructors in the world for our technology, and the only doctor from India
  • He has over 17 years of experience in Wavefront LASIK
  • He has performed over 15,000 LASIK procedures
  • He has trained over 100 doctors every year from all over the world for this technology
  • He was the first eye surgeon in India to use the Wavelight Allegretto Eye Q 400 Hz laser, which was our older laser
  • He is the first and only eye surgeon in India using the Concerto 500 Hz laser, one of the finest advanced laser systems in the world

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