Q Can I travel within India on a holiday immediately after LASIK?

Ans.      Yes, as I said above you can travel anywhere after 3 days of the procedure, go on a nice vacation WITHOUT glasses! Usually, most people prefer to do the LASIK procedure before their vacation, so that they may enjoy the same. Also, since most come back to Mumbai before flying out, they get a chance to come for a follow-up check up again.

However we leave it up to you to plan your procedure during your trip and would help you schedule the dates for the same. The precautions to be followed whether in Mumbai or any other city in the world that you will be in are the same, and simple. The eye drops will need to be used at least 4 times a day in the first few days.

Do not rub or touch your eyes with unclean hands. If planning to swim, use good protective swimwear and avoid underwater swimming as far as possible, just wading in the pool or sea leisurely is fine.

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