Q Can LASIK be done for anyone who is below 18 years in age?

Ans.  LASIK is usually recommended when the powers are stable. We expect the powers to change when the height of the person is increasing. Knowing that until 18 years of age, this anatomic growth can take place, we avoid LASIK. However, there are certain special situations wherein the powers have been stable and monitored closely, those needing to join a career where powers have to be treated and vision needs to be 20/20 or 6/6, in such cases LASIK can be considered below age 18 years.

For children, we recommend examined regularly by a good Ophthalmologist which will help in having the eye records over the years, so it will help to know if the numbers have been stable at 18 years.

If you were to visit us directly after turning 18 years, then we would not know what their powers were earlier. So, important is that they understand the role of regular checkups, at least once every 2 years for us to be able to plan a successful laser treatment.

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