Q Do majority of the patients opt for Lasik or EpiLasik (No-cut)? Unless majority of the patients opt for Epilasik, how do we ensure its post-surgery results? Will Epilasik gives better eye sight than Lasik?

Ans.  This is usually not an option, that patients decide, unless they were to join Army / Navy etc where LASIK is disallowed. Then EpiLASIK is opted for voluntarily. But the usual course is when Dr Shroff examines you and the data collected during the checkup indicates if LASIK is unsuitable. Some reasons like dry eyes, thin corneas etc, where LASIK is unsuitable, can still be treated with EpiLASIK.  So, this usually comes out of the check up with Dr Anand Shroff. The vision post procedure remains the same, whether LASIK or EpiLASIK. The only difference is in an initial disposable kit, even the laser applied (Concerto 500 Hz) is the same. Please read more about EpiLASIK on the homepage of our website.

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