Q Do you do the LASIK surgery to the cornea or you go inside cornea and do laser and do you do intralase (LASIK)?

Ans. LASIK is not done inside or outside the cornea as such, but done on the corneal surface. To know what exactly is done, you need to know the steps of LASIK. Basically treating your numbers has the below two steps:

Step 1: To create a ‘Flap’ to make this procedure painless and heal well. That is its only objective.

Flap creation requires the skill of the surgeon as well as the use of a good equipment to be free from ‘flap related complications’. This gave the need to reduce ‘flap related complications’ by using a laser to create this…This laser is called the Femto second Laser. One of the first models was the Intralase. However, we use a more advanced laser system- the VisuMax Zeiss Femtosecond laser. When this flap is created by a laser, then the procedure is termed “Bladeless LASIK”. But please note that Femtosecond laser does not treat your numbers, it only creates the flap.


Step 2: To treat the numbers completely, accurately with safety

Your concern is treating your eye numbers ACCURATELY WITH SAFETY. The numbers are treated by another laser technology (the excimer laser), and if this old, then you will not have the desired outcome. VISIX or Zyoptix usually used with Intralase and has only been upgraded to customized wavefront treatments, not built from scratch for wavefront principles as our laser, the Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz. We use a far more advanced laser combination which is using the Zeiss VisuMax Femtosecond laser along with the Wavelight (Alcon) 500 Hz Concerto laser which gives excellent outcomes.

It is very important for one to focus more about the laser technology being used to treat your numbers rather than the pre steps of using the blade or bladeless, so, we suggest that you visit our centre to know what suits your eyes the best.

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