Q For high power I have, what do you recommend and whether 100% correction can be obtained post laser and will I need any glasses after the procedure?

Ans.  We can answer the part of suitability for your eyes only when our doctor has examined you. However, in all the patients we have done, whether EpiLASIK or LASIK, we achieve what we aim for.

If for some reason LASIK cannot remove your entire power, then alternative procedures like ICL (Implantable Contact Lenses) are recommended for you.

In some rare cases where powers are very high, we prepare you that to achieve 20/20 or 6/6 vision, LASIK may need to be done in two steps. This probability is less than 0.4% of the time. Then we ine -tune our treatment by not repeating all steps of LASIK, but just last few steps. This retreatment we include in your fees for the first year post LASIK. If a patient chooses not to enhance or fine tune the procedure then contact lenses or glasses can be used. However, since all patients are aiming 20/20 vision, very few would opt out of it.

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