Q How do I find out which laser system is good?

Ans.  The laser systems should possess specific features for higher quality visual results.

The Wavelight company [our laser company] was the first laser to have done the worldwide wavefront LASIK treatment which others have modified or upgraded in their already existing lasers.

Features of our Laser comparing with other Lasers

1    Laser Spot Size

The small laser spot size is mandatory to produce fine complex treatment patterns. Smaller the size, finer the treatment. Ours is the smallest in the world so far… viz 0.68 HM

2   Speed

Shortens ablation/ treatment time remarkably. To the benefit of the surgeon and to the comfort of the patient, Because shortened corneal exposure time allows faster visual recovery.

The rapid rate is vital to maintain corneal hydration intra-operatively, especially in wavefront guided procedures with larger optical zones where a prolonged treatment time could adversely affect the planned treatment profile. A simple principle in laser refractive surgery is to keep the eye as physiologically hydrated as possible intra-operatively for a faster visual recovery.

Hence, faster speed lasers have better visual outcomes. Our is the fastest in the world so far… viz 500 Hz keeping in mind the safety limit as well.

3    Optical Zone

Ideally the laser should have the widest treatment area that also removes the least tissue possible, which is what our laser supports. Most Other lasers in order to treat a wider area, take out more corneal tissue. This also results in night vision problems. In the night the pupil expands or dilates to let in more light for visibility. If a laser treats a zone, which is smaller in diameter than the diameter of expansion of the pupil, then what you have is an untreated rim of cornea, which in the night is going to result in haloes or glares of light. Most lasers treat upto a 5 mm zone to 6 mm only , ours can treat upto 7 mm.

In cases of patients with night glare due to earlier treatments, the ability of our laser to retreat is highly beneficial.

4    Eye Tracking speed

The eye is kept fixed with the laser during treatment. However there are fine saccadic eye movements not seen by naked eye. The Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz is better than any other excimer laser system as it tracks the eye at 500 times a second and allows for spot on treatments. Most other lasers have an eye tracker which if the eye moves even to some extent during treatment, then the laser stops.

5    Topography Link treatment

Is necessary for a customized laser treatment. Especially in re treatments when undergone earlier LASIK and patient is unhappy.

For topography-linked retreatments, the Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz laser has the best capabilities at present.

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