Q I am suffering from Glauocma, can I still consider LASIK?

Ans.    We have treated many cases with history of Glaucoma for their powers by doing LASIK. The important thing here is for you to know your visual expectation.

Today, you face visual issues due to 2 reasons, one is glaucoma, which affects inside the eye, the second  are your powers per se. The increased eye pressure affects the optic nerves and one poses a risk of   having decreased vision due to glaucoma. Now, if this were to happen, it would happen irrespective of you  wearing glasses, using lenses or having done laser eye surgery.
LASIK is only going to replace the specs or lenses, so the vision to expect from LASIK is the same what  you enjoy today with glasses. LASIK itself will not increase the pressure in the eye as one would believe that it would increase or further affect the glaucoma condition, unless not in check or not under control.
However, it is only your check up with Dr. Anand Shroff who is our LASIK as well as Glaucoma expert to      know if this is a suitable step for you.

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