Q I currently reside in Australia. My main concern in terms of doing the eye surgery in India is that I will only be in India for a month. Hence, a 3 month follow up is not possible. Also, I am concerned that if there is any correction to be done, I will again have to fly down to India. Also, most of the clinics here in Australia offer a 5 to 10 year warranty wherein they will corrected any regression in vision free of cost. And also, do you have a guarantee as well?

Ans.  I understand your concerns as these are usually similar to the LASIK patients from over 90 countries that we have treated.

Usually, not more than 3-4 days is required post LASIK. Your only mandatory eye check required is your usual annual check that you must do in Australia or anywhere else in the world. However, yes, we definitely need you in Mumbai the next day of LASIK. Many even fly out the day after this check or on that evening itself, and still do fine as they follow the instructions what they would have followed in Mumbai, in their own city or country.

One of the reasons we have a high end laser like the WaveLight 500 Hz Laser is because we treat many patients from overseas and we also do not like to re treat them. But sure, there is a possibility of re treatment, but this possibility is one of the least compared to most centres worldwide being as low as 0.4%.

Centres abroad price their LASIK (the kind of LASIK we do) at a fee of 4000 Euros which is way above our fees, which is why they can afford to give guarantees as their initial fees itself cover what you would pay for re treatments. We do not charge you if you have any residual powers in the first year post LASIK. Any regression later in life is not due to initial treatment but due to usually very long hrs on the PC or if the candidate was not well chosen.

We counter this long term issue with computers by advising you computer prescription glasses which will not cause any numbers to return and also the check up and treatment is both done by Dr Anand Shroff, our LASIK surgeon itself, hence we have excellent results.

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