Q. I had my LASIK surgery 30 days ago. I can see everything ok. But my vision is cloudy and not crisp like it was with my lenses. Should I be worried? How long is it going to take before my clarity comes back. Also left is not as sharp as my right eye.

Ans. The vision usually clears to be functional within a few days after LASIK. Both eyes also do not heal at the same time. Maximum healing time is seen to be anywhere up to 3 months (usually) and in very few cases even 6 months. This is because the corneal nerves also have their own speed in which they regenerate. During this time, you may experience temporary blurring, which may clear for a short while with lubricating eye drops.

The usual considerations for blurry vision early after LASIK include:

  1.  dryness
  2.  A residual refractive error
  3. flap smoothness.

If there are any flap related issues, they are corrected as early as possible. Fortunately, these types of problems are quite rare and usually obvious to a LASIK surgeon. The vision after LASIK can differ, especially if there are dry spots on the cornea. Dry eye causes vision to fluctuate throughout the day. Artificial tears increase the quality of the tear film and help stabilize the vision. Residual refractive error would cause continuous blurring. If it does not resolve with healing after 3 months, a possible enhancement at three months post op is enough to treat it.

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