Q I have been told that I have dry eye and that I cannot do LASIK?

Ans.   Yes, dry eyes if severe need to be treated before considering any laser procedure. Hence the need to be seen by an expert who will not just diagnose the dry eye issue but classify or grade it, as mild dry eye, moderate or severe with a scoring.

Then, if it is mild and you are not from any ground like computer IT or any systemic body condition which causes dry eye, LASIK can still be considered. We also have EpiLASIK which is done to not aggravate dry eyes as this is just a modification of LASIK.

However, if moderate or severe dry eye, then treatment is necessary before considering any laser treatment, so that the quality of vision post LASIK is not compromised. Your check up with our doctor, Dr Anand Shroff will determine if you have dry eyes and if you do what grade?

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