Q I have had slight increase in my prescription while my sister has had a reduction in her prescription. Does this affect the likelihood of successful 20/20 vision? Do the cylindrical numbers affect the success of the surgery? For how long do the numbers have to be stable before the surgery?

Ans.  Change in prescription is in the range which is acceptable. The change in powers within 0.75D is fine, so long as we do not find any abnormality (this again is checked up by Dr Shroff). Also, the usual cause of this increase is due to long hours on the PC. After LASIK you will have to take specific instructions from Dr Shroff and even wear a computer prescription glass to avoid getting any shift in powers later. Cylindrical errors up to -6.00D are corrected by our laser-The Concerto. Usually we accept a change of 0.75D, but any other change should be checked up and powers stable for a year before considering LASIK.

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