Q I understand Wavefront-guided LASIK is what is being carried out recently by taking a 3D map of the eyes in order to customise the treatment to each person. I believe this is best for better night vision and the absence of glare and halo effects. A friend of mine had glare and not so great night vision. Have any of your patients had any issues with night vision and glare?

Ans. Wavefront-guided LASIK or custom LASIK is the most advanced LASIK method today. But it can be performed using various lasers. The speed of the laser and its application are very important in delivering results. Today, we use one of world’s fastest lasers the 500 Hz whereas most other lasers are 50-100 Hz and some 200-250 Hz. Many older lasers are only upgraded for Wavefront-guided treatments whereas the WaveLight is built from scratch for incorporating wavefront principles.

That is why the WaveLight has near-zero night vision problems like glare and haloes, which may still occur with other systems. We also check your pupil size to ensure a more customized treatment zone. We have no recorded night vision problems, one of the reasons why many of our patients are from other countries. This laser is available at very few centres in the US. Further, the US FDA has stated the WaveLight laser to be the only laser to improve night vision.

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