Q I work for a software company and required to see the monitor for at least 8 hours in a day. Will I be comfortably working or will there be any strain in the eyes? Or should I plan for a longer rest period? Further, will the computer usage have any bad effect on eyes especially after the LASIK treatment?

Ans.   As regards your profession, we treat most of our patients from the IT sector as computers create more  problems for vision like dry eyes etc. Dr Anand Shroff, our expert will be guiding you with the correct way of sitting on the PC and also give you a special instructions and computer prescription glasses (plus number) for the long hours on the PC.

This is to avoid a shift in numbers after LASIK and also to avoid eye  strain while on the computers. One does not need to wear this for any other purpose and also only when sitting for very long hrs on the PC not for short working.

Most of our patients return to computers on Day 3 as a full days 8 hr work schedule. This is fine. In the first week you need to use lubricating eye drops along with antibiotics (so, you will carry these with you).

Further, when you visit us, Dr Shroff will guide you in the correct way to use your eyes when on the  PC and also prescribe a pair of computer glasses to you to negate any effects that the computers may have on long term vision

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