Q If any numbers come there are reasons for them:-

Ans. 1. You are still growing anatomically and hence must wait for your physical growth to stabilize, only then will your numbers stabilize. This is typical for those who are just 18 years. Hence our checkup determines your fitness.

2. If you do LASIK on older technology which is not equipped to treating high numbers

3. Your lifestyle habits like sitting on the computers continuously for very long hours. For this our Doctor trains you for the correct method of sitting as well as prescribes a specific computer number for the long hours so that you do not induce a small number along the way. Most of our LASIK patients are from this industry and cannot avoid the long hrs on the PC but with our advice have managed to keep numbers at bay. If however a small number does creep in, this can be re treated again as a short fine tuning treatment or if the patient desires can use glasses or contact lenses for that work.

In our center our rate of enhancement or needing to “fine tune” a treatment is less than 0.4% with our current technology which is as high as 5- 7 % in most centres worldwide.

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