Q If there is no discomfort in the daily life of the patient (except for a little irritation) should he go for any kind of medical treatment at this stage?

Ans. This depends on the stage of keratoconus one has, not symptoms as these are often misleading. Unless a drastic change in the ‘cone’ takes place, patients cannot appreciate any change even if the abnormality is leading to a worse stage as these are usually minor changes in numbers. One does need to be aware of any deterioration in vision.

Basically, in keratoconus, having no treatment means always living under a ‘hanging sword’!

The new treatment called ‘C3-R®* or Cross Linking’ also has limitations that it cannot be done on very thin cornea. Since this treatment has produced remarkable results, one does not want to lose the opportunity of missing it. If however, keratoconus is in early stages, the patients not keen on any surgery, then he needs to be very vigilant in his follow ups with the doctor and can wait if the doctor allows it.

If the keratoconus is progressing, then it is better to halt its progress with C3-R®* when one is fit, rather than wait to do a corneal transplant.

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