Q Is it possible to have the laser treatment now and sometime in the future still be able to have IOL if I decide, or does one preclude the other?

Ans.  Yes, even today the IOL surgery has changed, not so much for the surgery part, but for the implants used. Today we can offer multifocal lens implants for patients of cataract and even the same for people with glasses over the age of 50 years even if they do not have a cataract. This is called PRELEX or Presbyopic Lens Exchange. The suitability of what is best is usually done by our cornea and refractive surgeon who performs both the procedures.

If we have details of your age, numbers you are using the kind of lifestyle you need, we could even discuss this by e mail.  To answer your query of the possibility of undergoing IOL surgery after LASIK….nothing changes, the surgery would be the same. The only point to remember would be to inform your doctor doing the IOL surgery that you had undergone LASIK. This is because the IOL also has a certain power, measured specific to your eye.

Today’s implants are aiming to not just treat a cataract alone, but also correct the numbers, so the calculation of what implant goes in depends on the measurements taken by the doctor who will need to adjust the same considering you have undergone LASIK. Besides this, the recovery etc remains the same as for anybody else.

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