Q Is it safe to do this procedure in India? After all you do hear of unsanitary conditions and poor hygiene?

Ans. The success of laser vision correction or LASIK depends on a multitude of factors, primary being the expertise of the doctor along with a good laser technology in an International standard set up of hygiene and care with stringent eligibility criteria. Many doctors today budget the LASIK and discount LASIK prices esp in India.

This is only possible if one can cut costs, but that would be at the cost of compromising quality, re using blades, working with older cheaper technology etc. Many use the Nidek and Mel lasers which give problems in night vision and glares in over 50% of their patients. These lasers do not have wavefront technology either.

In the USA the FDA has even proven that most complications arise in discount LASIK centres. We are proud to say that within a JCI Certified hospital, with strict protocols on hygiene, a completely disposable centre and with a Wavelight 500 Hz laser system using wavefront or custom LASIK technology, we offer a far superior, safe and reliable technology at affordable comparable prices.

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