Q Is Wavefront technology Customized Ablation with the Nidek EC5000 CX III Advanced Vision Excimer Laser system on Navex Platform, which is approved by FDA USA superior than Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz?


1 The laser you mentioned and their website do not mention anywhere the speed of the laser. 500 Hz is the speed of firing the laser shots on the Concerto. The eye barely moves 10 times a second so having a fast eye tracker and a snail-slow laser makes no sense. Besides if you use a broad-beam laser [a technology that we stopped using in 1998] at 1,000 Hz you’d probably destroy the eye. So the website very cleverly makes no mention of the laser firing speed and nor the fact that it is a broad-beam laser.

2 The Concerto is a concept laser that from the initial drawing board stage was meant to be limited edition. The company has sold all 20. No more will ever be made because the R&D and quality of laser head and optics make it far too expensive and uneconomical for the company to produce in large numbers.

3 You can find information about the Concerto laser on the Wavelight laser website.

4 LASIK is not just about the laser. We are India’s only Joint Commission accredited LASIK centre which means we follow the world’s highest patient safety norms. We will not re-use. You have a 0% chance of contracting HIV, Hepatitis B or C as everything is disposable and is thrown away after every case.

5 Our re-treatment rates are the lowest worldwide, because of our laser, the LASIK team, and our patient safety standards.

6 At the end of the day, it does not matter what we use. You have to take the decision and put a price on your eyes.

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