Q My eyes are very sensitive – like I can’t stand bright light or even bright sunlight (my eyes starts paining and watering immediately), they are so sensitive that even can’t stand a cut onion ! – In this case would it be safe to have use laser, what are the chances that i would get a HALO effect or night vision problems after performing such procedure?

Ans.    The reason for sensitivity needs to be determined. Some eyes are sensitive ‘subjectively’ with nothing  wrong. Some have an underlying allergy. This will be dealt with during your examination with Dr Anand.However, to ease your mind, during the LASIK process, eye drops which anaesthetize your eyes are  used, hence you will be comfortable during the process. We have had patients put across similar queries and they have done well.

The laser technology we use is important not to give you any disadvantages  such as night vision problems, haloes and glares which exist with other systems. In addition using  complete disposables, we never have encountered infection. In fact we have a strict infection control   group within the hospital itself.

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