Q Regarding the 2nd treatment…you had mentioned that the flap doesn’t need to be made again since it was already made in the 1st treatment. However, doesn’t this flap ‘fuse’ back during the healing process, requiring you to make a new flap for the 2nd treatment?

Ans The flap ‘fuses’ or heals in few hours itself, and completely by the end of the week. The doctors have specific equipment to help them ‘lift’ this flap and also use a powerful ophthalmic microscope to aid them in this. I can understand that your fear is that it could get ‘lifted easily’ if rubbed hard etc. This is only in the initial recovery period not later.

Most patients do not face an issue when lifting this flap in the first few years, but yes, after 4-5 years may be a difficult process. Then PRK (is done which is a superficial treatment). Some cases who are at constant risk of having injury to such ‘flaps’ such as those in professions of martial arts, boxing etc then find it safer to undergo EpiLASIK, which is ‘flapfree”.

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