Q Rubbing of the eyes: Once the initial recovery period is over – say 1 month, it is but natural that we would be touching our eyes (washing, using eye makeup, threading…), swimming and rub them when they itch sometimes. E.g. sometimes, when the wind blows, a few strands of our hair can get into our eye. Would all that be ok and normal rubbing as long as it’s not such vigorous rubbing? If Lasik is meant to give us a new pair of eyes, it should not affect in the sense that our eyes should still be normal and healthy eyes after the 1st month, right? How quickly does the flap heal?

Ans.    The corneal flap heals overnight. Then it takes vigorous amount of rubbing to displace it, which most are careful about. We have never seen a case of displaced flap. We also give protective eye wear for the immediate post procedure period.

Rest, you can wash your face, gently clean the eyes from the next day   itself. In some, microscopic healing   goes on for a couple of weeks.

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