Q Why is this treatment not that much heard about as LASIK is….?

Ans. Like I mentioned, comparatively, many are found fit for LASIK in general population. Most have powers less than -10.00 D, if you were to ask around. Very few would be found to have higher powers. Hence, ICL is less heard of. In some cases it is not about the power, but about the cornea that needs to be reshaped. The cornea is the door to the eye, and in trying to remove your entire number, one cannot afford to treat so much cornea in your case, which makes it very thin post LASIK. Hence, one has to be within safety limits.

These situations are not as common as those who are found fit for LASIK, hence ICL is less heard of in general population, but all with powers not treatable by LASIK would have known of it.

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