Q What about Intacs for keratoconus?

Ans. Instrastromal corneal rings or Intacs surgery is a procedure in which small plastic polymer ringlets are inserted into the eyes in order to flatten the cone-shaped cornea or keratoconus.

In order to implant the Intacs, the surgeon bores into the collagen-filled center of the cornea, creates an incision carefully avoiding nerves, implants the ringlets within the corneal layering and closes the incision. Intacs, work by holding the cornea in place like a splint and once the implants are removed, the patient will return to pre-surgical conditions. Hence, it does not correct the keratoconus, but just mechanically ‘flattens’ the cornea, that too temporarily.

The two most common complications of Intacs implant surgery are eye irritation and abnormal blood vessel growth. C3R is a more permanent procedure.

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