Q What are the follow up requirements after C3R??

Ans. After C3R the follow up is as follows:

1. First post C3R follow up the next day of procedure and the next one after Day 4. You need to be in Mumbai for these days (4-5 days post C3R)

2. Next follow up check after 3 months during which we check the Topography maps as well. This can be done in your own city.

3. Change of prescription mandatory only if you ‘feel the need’ that there is a change, then only go for it before 3 months. Otherwise, this will keep changing over next 6- 8 months. So some pull on till then.

4. You need to check the topography maps every 6 months till the time they are stable, which means no more change will happen.

Preferably for better comparison, the maps to be done on same topography machine.

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