Q What is the corneal-saving advantage of LASIK on the Concerto Laser?

Ans. The US FDA gives a baseline of 250 microns cornea to be left behind after the laser treatment. Our centre believes in leaving at least 300 microns. Your calculation will be done during evaluation. It should leave at least 300 microns behind on the cornea after the laser treatment is completed.

The cornea is like the door to your eye and the stronger or thicker the door, the better it is for you. The Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz laser which we use has its advantages in this respect of corneal saving as this laser saves upto 40% of the cornea compared to other lasers. In simple terms it means that another laser would remove far more corneal tissue to remove the same number. Also, when creating a 90 micron flap, which we do using the Moria single use head, it leaves even more cornea after the procedure. This great advantage for people with high numbers or people which other laser centres cannot treat.

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