Q What is the surety that I would not get back any of the numbers after the treatment? That is, is this a permanent solution? I would not be required to wear any lenses / specs after the treatment?

Ans. The same surety that you could hand me today that your spectacle powers will not change!. Please remember that the eye is an organ not doing static fixed focus work, but something dynamic. If powers shift in adulthood, these are usually not related to the shape of your eyes or measurements taken of the same. These are also largely due to lifestyle, working long hours on the PC, changing the utility of your visual work from computers to movie screens etc.

Our duty is to make you aware that doing such activities without proper and necessary precautions will shift your powers slightly (not hugely, but yes, small powers may come into play).

This is the reason why we shall insist that you use computer specific prescription when working long hours on the PC, take frequent breaks etc.

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