Q What percentage of patients have you treated that now have 6/6 or so called ’20-20’ vision?

Ans.  You will appreciate that the queries you have asked relate to statistics (eg. How many/ what percent, etc) and one cannot have a single statistic unless they have stopped working! These will keep changing. Hence we do not have a copy of any general answers other than on our FAQ’s which we keep updating, but answer specific queries related to you. Our results are excellent with a re treatment rate of less than 0.4%. Our aim is to achieve 20/20 if not better. We manage this in a single step in over 99.6% patients; in others we do it in two steps. This is called re treatment. The decision to undergo re treatment depends on the doctor and patient. If the cornea is still not fully healed we wait, if healed we treat again, not doing all steps of the first treatment but just re lifting the flap and fine tuning the LASIK. We do not charge for this in the first year of the treatment.

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