Q What percentage of your patients had side effects for the first 2-3 months post surgery?

Ans     If you have seen our advantages of using the ‘Concerto’ you will find that we have listed ‘no night vision problems’ which is haloes, glares etc, described on the internet as permanent problems. In the healing phase you may experience some of these effects as they are ‘subjective descriptions’, however, they resolve, usually latest by 3 months. In fact the Wavelight is the only platform the US FDA states to ‘improving night vision’.

The only symptoms we expect patients to face, although not in all, and differing in intensity, is temporary dry eyes and not very crisp and clear vision. The vision also fluctuates slightly in the first 3 months as the healing continues on a microscopic level, but we see these symptoms settle down in almost all cases. In rare cases (less than 0.5% of them), it is due to a small refractive error still needing to be fine tuned. This is usually seen in those with high powers.


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