Q Will I be able to get rid of my glasses completely?

Ans.  That is our aim too. The only thing that we prepare our patients for is the event of needing a touch up or retreatment as they call it. This is sometimes because, in spite of having done our best and taken all predictable objectives, we still cannot predict wound healing. It sometimes can heal leaving behind a small number. In our experience we have seen up to 0.75 D usually. However, this is treatable and we offer to re treat this number free of cost. Hence, it only means that in rare cases LASIK may be in two steps. The rate of this re treatment or fine tuning in our center is less than 0.5% which in most centers is above 20%. The success rates of each center differ and that is because like I mentioned earlier success depends on a combination of doctors experience, technology the doctor is using and the general practices of sterilization, disposables etc.

The Wavelight Concerto 500 Hz Laser that we are using now is the 500 Hz system and superior in performance to the 200 Hz and the 400 Hz which is available in USA. A site http://www.allaboutvision.com/wavelight/ may give you a better idea of what this technology is about from experts in USA. However they are referring to the 200 Hz which treats up to -7.00D safely, and we with the 500 Hz go up to -12 D.

But a good laser alone is not the only criteria, the experience of the surgeon is equally or more important. Dr Anand Shroff is a very skilled doctor and even trains new users of the Wavelight laser from many different countries in our HQ in Germany.

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