Q Will I have normal vision/ 20-20 vision post surgery? Chances of retreatment/ touch-up. i.e. if there is any residual correction to be undertaken, is that included in the package? Also what is the probability of the same to occur?

Ans.  That is our aim too! And as long as you are enjoying 20/20 vision today with glasses or lenses, you can expect to have no compromise in that. In rare cases (usually higher powers and that too less than 1 of 300 patients) we need to fine tune the procedure in a second step which is called enhancement or re treatment.

This rate is less than 0.4% in our centre. In the first year this is included in your fees as it would be directly related to the primary treatment. Later in life a change in prescription may only happen if you are a serious computer user and for this we advise you to wear computer prescription glasses which Dr Shroff will be prescribing post procedure..

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