Bladeless All Laser LASIK using the Femtosecond Laser from Carl Zeiss – VisuMax

VisuMaxIn general, patients who qualify for LASIK are also candidates for the VisuMax laser corneal flap treatment, and thus will benefit from its accuracy and gentleness.
Benefits of Blade-Free

The Visumax laser provides more stability and greater flap precision when compared to LASIK.

LASIK’s greatest complication is flap problems after surgery. Because blade free is so precise, this risk is significantly reduced.

The real benefits for some patients include:

Decreased risk of flap complications.

  • Decreased incidence of postoperative dry eye
  • Unlike other alternatives to LASIK, it preserves many of the benefits of LASIK including a short and largely pain-free recovery.
  • More accurate outcomes in terms of patients’ postoperative vision.
  • Benefits of vision correction surgery are available to those who might have previously been poor candidates.
  • Less pressure on the eye during the surgery.
  • Reduced incidence of patients needing a second operation to correct their vision.
  • Flaps created with a laser are less likely to become dislodged later


Gentle Treatment

Flap creation with the VisuMax is a completely bladeless procedure. The creation of the corneal flap with the VisuMax is very fast and takes approximately 20 seconds, while the complete LASIK procedure may take approximately 15 minutes.

A very accurately focused laser beam is guided through to the cornea in a computerized treatment that is unique to each patient. The laser beam moves through the cornea allowing the corneal flap to be easily lifted by our surgeon.

Importantly, the VisuMax® is the only femtosecond laser to incorporate a curved interface that makes contact with the cornea during flap creation. This technology allows for the patient to maintain visual sight during the entire procedure. This provides maximum comfort and it allows you to see throughout the entire procedure, unlike with microkeratomes or other femtosecond lasers, where your vision is “blacked out” for awhile and patients have reported feeling uncomfortable pressure.

When the patient is able to see throughout the procedure, it in turn serves to maximize the precision of the bladeless LASIK flap creation process by helping him or her to maintain constant focus during treatment.

Patients often describe the VisuMax procedure like the putting of a soft contact lens. Each treatment is planned precisely to fit their unique eye contour and fit seamlessly back into place, making the procedure reliably effective with an extremely low rate of LASIK complications.

Carl Zeiss has over 160 years of experience in the development of optics and Zeiss high performance optics are key to providing an optimum corneal flap.

Due to the Zeiss high performance optics, the laser beam is guided very precisely to the desired depth, resulting in most accurate flap thickness. In addition, the laser beam is directed in a very focused manner, which allows the doctor to apply only minimum laser energy to the eye during the treatment. As a result, the tissue outside the defined area of the cut remains untouched.

Since the VisuMax Femtosecond laser is able to create very thin corneal flaps, some patients who were previously not a candidate for LASIK due to thin corneas, are now benefiting from the procedure.

Our doctor will make the final determination.

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