Who needs LASIK 3X tra?

Who needs LASIK 3X tra™? Is it for everyone seeking LASIK?

The combination of CXL and LASIK is indicated in all patients.

LASIK 3X tra is indicated in the following cases:

  1.  Young LASIK candidates (less than 24 years of age);
  2.  Patients with severe ocular allergies, due to the risk of heavy eye rubbing;
  3.  Patients with completely normal corneas with no signs of keratoconus but with a family  history;
  4.  Patients with thin corneas with normal preoperative evaluation (in which risk of ectasia has  been ruled out);
  5.  Patients with Asymmetrical corneal topography or as irregular corneal astigmatism or  Corneas that are steeper than normal
  6.  High myopia; Hyperopia
  7.  Patients who require retreatments, particularly if the thickness of the previous flap is  unknown;
  8.  Patients who experienced unexpected thick flap creation during standard LASIK; and
  9.  Patients who experienced unexpected irregular flap creation with variable thickness along i ts surface.

It is wrongly believed by some that LASIK 3X tra is indicated for the treatment of keratoconus. This procedure is NOT indicated when keratoconus is detected. In such cases, cross-linking or CXL alone is the preferred.

Lasik 3X tra is a worthwhile addition to the armamentarium of refractive surgeries.

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