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GUARANTEESometimes we get asked the question by a potential LASIK candidate, “Can you give me a 100% guarantee for the laser eye treatment results?”

We understand your anxiety regarding the LASIK treatment, which makes you seek such “guarantees”.

Issues and LASIK stories that you read online even today, outlining the side effects people are suffering from create a certain fear of LASIK in people! However, we can speak only regarding our experience. Using our advanced laser platforms and Dr Anand Shroff’s expertise, we have never faced any issues which you read about like corneal damage, permanent night vision issues etc.

Offering ‘guarantee’ is an example of how some centers try to ‘rope in’ patients.

There is NO guarantee anywhere in the world for ANY form of medical treatment.
We are treating ‘living cells of your eyes’. Even you, knowing your body best, cannot guarantee, that your eyes will respond exactly 100% to the treatment!

LASIK is a medical treatment and not a commodity. Any doctor offering your guarantees is not being honest with you.

Yes, we can vouch for our excellent results and patient satisfaction which makes us confidently ‘guarantee’ a free retreatment in the first year of LASIK if you have not achieved 20/20 or 6/6 in the first treatment. However, it still needs to be tested if you are reading 20/20 or 6/6 today with glasses?

We give you the commitment of one of the best LASIK treatment available in the World, at a great cost benefit when compared to other centers using this laser technology.

In our center the rate of needing a ‘touch up or retreatment’ is less than 0.4 % which is as high as 10% in most centers.

However, your check up with us will determine your visual expectations which Dr Anand Shroff, our LASIK surgeon will describe to you after the evaluation with us.

We do believe in providing excellent quality care. To help achieve this, we have developed guarantees that explicitly communicate our commitment to achieving our goals.

We Guarantee,
Dr. Anand Shroff personally meets each patient before performing surgery,

We Guarantee,
Dr. Anand Shroff personally evaluates each patient to determine who is an appropriate candidate and who is not a candidate,

We Guarantee,
Dr. Anand Shroff personally performs all surgeries himself, and

We Guarantee,
Dr Anand Shroff and his LASIK team will address and answer each patient’s questions prior to a patient having surgery or a procedure.the tasks are the functions involving rolex datejust replica.vape store.near me at reasonable price.

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