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LASIK  Testimonials

What our patients say about us…


To start with, I am doing very well post the FEMTO LASIK I underwent at Shroff Eye Hospial, Mumbai in Feb 2018. It’s over 3 months and the post care routine has also come to an end almost. Sometimes when I feel a bit heavy I put the Opsion drops recommended to me but hardly twice a week I need that. I thank Dr Anand Shroff from the bottom of my heart for such a successful treatment he bestowed on me. It’s amazing to see the world without those spectacles and it’s so good to hear from people that you look great without glasses. It’s given me great confidence and the entire process has been very smooth. It was an experience of its kind. Doctor spoke to me throughout the procedure. Even when I lost focus on the laser beam he exactly knew how to handle the situation.
He is really very kind. Dr. Safala too explained the complete post care and precautions to be taken with a lot of patience. It’s a regular deal for the hospital to have patients undergoing LASIK everyday but the rare thing I found about Shroff’s is that they know eye being an extremely delicate and sensitive organ, it’s a big deal for the patients. Specialised care for every single patient is one of your biggest strengths. Please keep it going. I can blindly trust Dr. Shroff for any concern related to my eyes and proudly recommend to friends who want to undergo this procedure. I was actually in office within 5 days of rest post day of procedure and worked for over 9 hours and all eyeballs at the work place were like, “have you really undergone some surgery or are you kidding us” haha.. That is the quality you all are giving so I don’t have anything except praises and thanks. This courtesy follow up mail gave me a chance to express my genuine gratitude. Thanks again Dr. Anand Shroff, Dr. Safala and the entire team.

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Kanchan Agarwal

I got laser corrective eye surgery with Schroff in the fall of 2013. I was going to do some traveling in India and had heard about the good care and lower costs than the USA of LASIK in India. I did my research on good eye doctors/hospitals, and many sources pointed to Schroff being the best. My experience with them was nothing less than perfect. Great customer service, information, communication, pre/post procedure care, the whole nine yards. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made in regards to my health and I saved a bunch of money. It would have been worth it even if it wasn’t on the way of my trip. I continue to recommend their services to friends to this day. Thank you Shroff.

Corey Benov

The entire process was very efficient. I was informed in detail about the exact procedure, the timeline of recovery and the costs involved. There were no hidden costs. I found a little bit expensive to be honest, but I think its better to pay a bit more and be secure about your eyes rather than go for cheaper treatments also available around. Given the busy influx of people in his clinic, the wait times are a bit more, which was a bit inconvinient, but still not a deal-breaker.
From my perception, Dr. Anand Shroff is a no-nonsense guy who keeps things to the point. He is very frank and this is one thing I liked about him. During the surgery, he joked around a bit to keep the atmosphere normal. I would surely recommend anyone I know for the procedure here.

Aditya Iyer

I had a wonderful experience with The Shroff Eye team. Dr. Anand was very warm and communicative and made me feel very comfortable about the whole procedure. I was nervous at first but the Shroff team was very informative and patient with my questions. My sister and I have both gotten LASIK here and highly recommend it. The procedure was very quick and my eyes were only irritated for a few hours afterwards and then I was back up and about – nothing scary at all!


MIchael MPhenomenal experience. Five out of five stars. I’m an american entrepreneur who was in business in Mumbai. Have wanted to have LASIK surgery for years, but didn’t want to spend $5000 USD. Instead I got top notch eye doctor in Mumbai at a fraction of the cost. The surgery went superb, and so did the recovery. Couldn’t be happier. Great staff that are attuned to medical tourism and the questions you have as a foreigner getting a health procedure. They all went above and beyond

MIchael M


Our experience with Dr Anand Shroff has been exemplary, absolutely satisfying and without the slightest exaggeration, here is why …. To begin with appointment times were adhered to, its nice not be kept waiting for hours which seems fashionable with Doctors these days. I saw a lot of senior citizens waiting at his Marine Drive clinic and the gentleness with which his staff dealt with them was reassuring. Once we were ushered into his office, we were greeted with a warm “kemcheo”, putting both us the parents and my daughter who was the patient absolutely at ease. He patiently answered all my questions while checking my daughter’s eyes and since we live abroad, reassured us, should the need arise, he would put us in touch with doctors that he had trained or who he knew well.. This was because we were scheduled to fly out 4 days postsurgery. Very reassuring words from a doctor and to me it translated into the one word “confidence”.Another fact worth noting was the charges were printed an applied to all, I have had the misfortune of meeting doctors whose charges go up once they hear you reside in the Gulf.

Hold on, it only gets better …… On the day of the procedure we were greeted by a nurse/assistant who seemed to know everything related to the procedure & the aftercare which was explained very painstakingly and in details. I could not help but ask how long she had worked for him, and was told from the outset, a clear indication that he treats his staff well.

He and his wife work as a team, he performs the procedure and she is available 24 x 7 to answer any questions you may have pre or postprocedure, and bless her, every call & whatsapp of mine was answered and

I have to say, my daughter was not at all nervous and walked in with a big smile confident she was in safe hands. The procedure is painless as they numb the eye and Dr Anand kept talking to Parinaz through out telling her what he was doing and chatting about Dubai as we reside there. She did not even realise that the procedure was over as I recall she walked out smiling in 15 mins. Also we were able to see the second part of the operation from outside on a screen with Dr Safala explaining the process as it progressed, very hi-tech and informative. At 1800 that day I got a call from Dr Anand asking how she was doing and that any discomfort in the eye would cease post 2100 hrs and it did. I’m sure he does that with all his patients, although he does not have to.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Anand, in fact we have been doing just so since 6th Jan 2016.

Parinaz K. Daruwalla

I had lasik surgery in 2012 for very high hyperopia. I was turned away by doctors in Australia so I reached out to Dr Schroff who said he could treat me. My surgery was successful and doctors in Australia have confirmed he did an excellent job. I have since had some regression but my eyesight is still much better than it used to be. My quality of life has improved a great deal. Thank you!

Catherine Ann (Australia)

kosha vyasIt has almost been 1 year since I have had my LASIK surgery done and it has been completely life-changing!

Initially I was unsure about the procedure, (especially having it done in India since I am from London), but Dr Shroff and his team were fantastic! They answered all of the questions I had and reassured me about the process. The personal touch of speaking to Dr Shroff himself, really helped! He was very kind to also follow-up and see how I was after the operation.

At all times, the team at Shroff Eye Hospital have not hesitated to be as helpful as possible and I will continue to recommend to all that are considering LASIK.

Thank you! 

Kosha Vyas (London)

Hi , I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Anand and Dr Safala and the entire team at Shroff Eye Clinic for their efficiency , support and understanding in making my son Abdur Rahims LASIK surgery a great success. This would not be possible without the immense support i received from Dr Safala and her team.I am based in South Africa and i arranged for my son who was on holiday in India to have his first consult n then the procedure and i was totally comfortable to let him do the procedure alone,because he was actually not alone,,he was in the hands of the most wonderful people i know,Dr Anand and Dr Safala whom I highly respect and have complete faith and trust. I completely believe that the ALMIGHTY has chosen Dr Anand to perform this amazing task with great expertise and humbleness.I pray that the ALMIGHTY always guide and protect you and shower you with His choicest Blessings Insha ALLAH Ameen.

My Daughter Fatima also had her surgery done 3years ago when she was 21,and it changed her life ,no more prescription glasses ,no contact lenses,and great recovery ,still enjoying her freedom and appreciating the beauty of life,Ameen.

I would totally recommend the Shroff Eye Clinic and the LASIK ,IT IS THE BEST . GOD BLESS .

Zill Tayob (South Africa)


Dear Dr Anand Shroff

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for helping out. Always be the way you are sir. You are a good human being.
Wish you all the happiness in life and hope all your wishes come true.

Good Day
Apeksha Sahani (India)


Aarti bahadoorIt’s been 6 months since I underwent the lasik at Shroff Eye Hospital and each morning when I wake up, it feels so great not wearing specs anymore… I am so thankful to Dr Anand Shroff who had been a gift in disguise. I always wanted to do this lasik, I was kind of desperate to do so and a friend of mine recommended me the Shroff Eye Hospital. I still remember the lasik day, the BIG DAY, sitting in the waiting room just minutes before my lasik and was holding tight to my chest my mum’s Hanuman Chalisa book which I didn’t want to leave AT ALL simply, because I was so scared to pass through the door to the surgery room…. Thank you to the nice lady staff who briefed me just before and encouraged me to leave my Hanuman Chalisa Book behind because all shall be fine…  When I entered the surgery room, I was shaking but … the only person I could see at that time was Dr Anand Shroff besides having a team with him. Dr Anand’s nice smile and warm welcome immediately relaxed me. I was stress free because I knew I was in safe hands. Today I feel so happy to see everything clearly and sharp, wearing sunglasses when I go out and above all doing my eye makeup without being hid behind my glasses… I am so thankful to Dr Anand Shroff for the wonderful work he did. A big thanks to his entire staff who had been very patient, nice and professional. A Special thanks goes to Ranjita who had been a wonderful assistant since my very first email to my last day in India. I sincerely pray God that Dr Anand Shroff prosper so that he continues doing the excellent job he is doing.

Aarti Bahadoor

Ashish MehtaI came to India from Kenya in March 22nd 2014. I had an appointment on the 26th March 2014 to evaluate if I can have the Lasik surgery done. The procedure of checking the eyes was flawless and checked by the world famous Eye Surgeon Doctor Anand Shroff. I was surprised he spoke to me in Gujarati and that made me happy to know that Gujaratis are now in every field of expertise from Hospitals to Parliament. All the results were ready in 2 hours. They told me that I can have my Lasik done on Saturday 29th March 2014. I paid for it and went home waiting for Saturday.

I reached at the Hospital on time by 9am with my wife and I was the first candidate to be operated. I entered a room and met M/s Safala who explained to us the procedure in a very pleasant way and to give me the confidence that all will be well. I was taken inside given a cap and surgery clothes to wear. I saw doctor Anand inside ready to do the procedure. I was laid down on the bed under a machine which had lights on.

Now the surgery part, as I lay Doctor Anand talked gently of how the procedure will be done. The put a covering in my left eye so that they could start with my right eye first.I was relaxed and composed no panic because Doctor Anand Shroff was there. He did the procedure on my first eye I think in 7 min and the next eye in 10 min.
I woke up from the bed and went to be examined in the room if all went ok. When I came out of the room I could not believe I could read instantly and see. I was told to close my eyes and given some eye drops because the small itch that would start inside like a small dust particle for about 3 days. That is normal I was told I reached home by 1130am. The itch lasted for 3 days but it was worth it any time. The next day I was up with my new eyes everything perfect. I kept on smiling and happy that my -3.75 numbers in my eyes had gone. I went for recheck on Sunday evening at 6pm and met M/s Shafala and Doctor Anand.
He checked my eyes and said PERFECT. FInally I was happy and amazed that I came to India with old pair of eyes and went back to Kenya with a new pair of eyes.

My thanks to the entire team of Shroff Eye Hospital in bandra from the receptionist to the technicians and to Doctor Anand for giving my eyes a new eyesight. As I sign of I recommend anyone wishing to do lasik go for Shroff Eye Hospital. Forget the small pain which is for 3 days but its worth every penny or rupees.

Thank you Shroff Eye Hospital.

As I sign off I feel good as now I can wear Designer Sunglasses not for fun but for protection my New Eyes.

Ashish Mehta

Dear Dr. Anand Shroff,
To begin with, I was truly impressed with how efficiently your entire team works at all levels – right from answering my questions over email to my visit to BOM for the pre-test (done by you!) to instructions on post-op care by the friendly Dr Safala & the surgery itself.

Thanks a million for taking the time to take a number of tests to narrow down the procedure that would suit me best.

I was quite scared initially, but the manner in which you spoke with me throughout the procedure put me totally at ease, so much so that I hardly realised when the surgery was over!

Must say, from having the latest tools (not available even in Switzerland where I now live) to friendliness & competence of yourself & team, you all have done me & our country proud!

I am very happy and grateful, that you did a fantabulous job of giving me the freedom to wake up in the morning and be able to see without spectacles or contact lenses!!

To conclude, am glad I chose Shroff Eye Clinic!

My heartfelt Thanks & keep up the good work!

Best Regards,
Ciot-Syed Fahimi

Eyesight is perfect and there have been no issues.

I initially had two minds on whether to go through the lasik or not because I was leaving permanently to Australia in a week’s time. I must say I have had a fantastic and smooth experience right from the initial assessment all the way through to the follow-up checks. Absolutely no issues whatsoever.

Thanks to the team. Please convey my regards to Dr. Shroff. 


The services were excellent and continue to be so. Very happy with Shroff.

Debjani Mukherjee

I came all the way from Bhopal to Mumbai with high expectations and did not leave disappointed. My Lasik went very smoothly as ensured by Dr. Shroff and his team. It was a world class experience with my every need taken care of. My vision is perfect now and my friends, jealous.
I would recommend the service to everyone in need – the best or nothing!

Anira Iqbal

AndrewLike everyone else, I spend days and months thinking about whether I should for the LASIK or not. I decided to go and get my eyes tested and get more information from the doctors.

My first visit to Shroff’s was very satisfying, they are super organised. Very efficient staff who keep track of every patient and their time. They tell you it would take about an hour and a half to two and they stick to that time.

After having a discussion with Dr.Anand, i decided immediately that I was going to have the surgery…I didn’t think twice. He didn’t try to convince me or sell the surgery to me.. he just answered all my questions and I decided to do it at the earliest possible day.

On the day of the surgery, I had my appointment and they stuck to the appointments like clockwork. The surgery was so quick and super efficient. Dr.Anand kept talking to me about my travel plans (my favourite topic) which totally calmed me down (I mean there was absolutely no reason to be nervous or anything). During the surgery he gave very clear instructions and information about what he was doing …before I realised I was having a surgery, it was finished…

The information they give you before and after the surgery is very clear and easy to follow. Now I feel I see better than I used to with Contacts and glasses… sometimes my friends are surprised at what I can read from a distance…

I would recommend everyone a LASIK experience and the best you can have is at Shroff’s Eye Hospital..

Andrews Netlas Susayyan

I entrusted Dr. Anand Shroff with my eyes way back in 2008 …I came for a simple lasik correction and I was reintroduced to my world, from my eyes!!! .. he made me understand that “eyes are not just a tool for vision but
our life ..our direction our achievement” We must care for it ,not damage it…, ” he said ” a simple regimen that we must follow for cleansing eyes must not involve splashing water in our eyes but an eyebath with our
clean hands . lastly refresh tears to moisten our eyes if we use computers

The most important part of my treatment, my surgery , was conducted in absolutely cheerful pleasant gentleman!!!) and his qualified team of technicians assistants,nurses…they were all so very careful and made my entire process comfortable
and complication free… Its been 7 years this January and Till date thank God!! for all the precautions I followed given by the doctor and his technique I am leading a “spectacle” free life …I did my lasik when I was 31 years
3 months!! ..Doctor can I tell you I still don’t need those +0.5 reading glasses( i can still read the little handwriting on product packaging) and am 2 years away from the age of 40!!! eating lots of carrots and greens!!!Thank u Doctor Anand and team for caring even today…. 

Saumya Gupta Goyal

Almost after 20 years of wearing glasses, I was so excited as well as with some fears about lasik eye surgery. Dr Shroff and discussed with me during pre-inspection and their kind words and in-dept knowledge about surgery and latest technologies gave me confidence and courage to go for Surgery on 07.07.07.  The surgery experience was so well that in 10 minutes I came out of operation center. Shroff Eye Hospital improved my life. I will suggest to all who are reading this testimonial to go for surgery without any doubt if doctor approves you for same


My experience with Shroff Eye Clinic has been a a satisfactory and wonderful experience as I’ve got rid of my glasses and lenses. Dr.Shroff performed the surgery with ease and gave me good results! My vision is now perfect, so I’m a super satisfied patient.

Best Regards,
Anjali Ahuja

I always enjoy your card. Brings back fond memories of how my life has changed due to Dr Shroffs Lasik Surgery.
No more ugly glasses for me!

Amol Deshmukh

I didnt have such a big power, but it was extremely frustrating to carry spectacles as well as sunglasses, as I live in Dubai and the sun is very strong here. I couldnt even read signboards while driving as my sunglasses were not numbered. its been 3 months since I got my LASIK done and it has proven a blesisng. I can only imagine how it would change the lives of people with higher powers.

Ive never undergone any medical procedure, and Im chicken when it comes to doctors and injections. However the staff at Shroff eye clinic have been very helpful on that front.
They are very proactive and courteous, especially when it comes to the pre-procedure checkup.

As for Dr. Anand Shroff, he pays amazing attention to detail with your pre-procedure checkup, and is an absolute joy during the procedure, as he keeps chatting (and I literally mean chatting). I would also make a mention of the same day follow up – Dr. Shroff called personally to check on how i was feeling the same day the procedure was done. He is
a rockstar!

Disha Mehta


Dear Ranjita, and Dr Safala
Thank you both so much for enquiring about my daughter Shilpa who had the lasik there in Aug. God willing she is doing pretty good and has no problems.
Our best wishes and regards to Dr Anand.We will be seeing him when the six month period comes.
Thanking You guys once again for the wonderful care. I will be glad to help in whichever way I can as u guys are simply good. Shilpa’s 2 friends also did the lasik after that.
keep the good work going.

Viji and Shilpa


Christian SteigerAll you do is amazing! For a start it is because you use equipment up to the highest standards. I like the fact that the eye gets measured digitally and this precise measured data is used to feed the Laser. I think this has been key to the fantastic result I am now enjoying.
After the surgery I have to admit that I have been impatient even though Dr.
Shroff assured me that the full eyesight can take about a month to fully establish. Since then I am enjoying just perfect eyesight, it is much better then with glasses or contacts. Especially when doing sports or go for a swim
I realize every time what a blessing it is to see this well.
Fact is: I am very pleased about the result of the LASIK surgery. My eye
sight is just perfect and I have no regrets at all.
Thanks to Dr. Shroff for this professional treatment. Also thanks to all the
staff for the kind support during my many visits in your clinic in Mumbai.
I would recommend your clinic to everyone who visits India!

Best regards,
Christian Steiger (Switzerland)

I am very good and enjoy my sharp vision everyday. I don´t miss my glasses at all 😉 I the beginning of next year I will be back in India for a month or two. I look forward to this!

Best regards

I have been wearing glasses since grade 6 and initially i would just avoid them when i went playing. Going for lasik was never a option for me, there was always this risk factor which kept me away from going through any surgery.
Time passed and i just got used to specs until a day when my wife read about Dr Shroff and the technology behind the success rate. I just called up at their office and inquired about the procedure. Decided to give it a try and go for the eligibility test, finally feeling confident I got operated. This is how i felt during the procedure.. Relaxed, no pain, no stress and in the end..
I could see everything without specs!! Felt free again.. Just to add that the staff has always been of great help before , during and after the treatment.

Spectacles say or not is a handicap and at least for me it restricted me to get involved in sports actively and biking etc and Dr. Shroff was the best thing happened to me!

Saurabh Nijhawan

I was thinking long time about get the LASIK.  After a friends suggestion, I choose to do it at Dr.Shroff clinic. At the fist check up they set up everything in order to make  me comfortable and try the best solution togheter.  I give them fully confidence and now, I can do everything without the need of specs!! Run, read, swim, use the sun glasses..

I m able also to read little letters from a big distance.  I can tell you that now I see 11/10, and that just after 1 week of eye relaxation. The best choose of my life!!And everything painless!!

Thanks so much doctor! 🙂

Giacomo (from Italy)

I haven’t seen any health care institution like dr shroff eye clinic.
Till date the best service provided to patient’s. I am very happy to undergo my lasik in hands of dr anand  shroff. Thank you very much sirji.

May god bless u all

Take care and keep up the good work

Nihir J Makwana

Dear Dr Anand,

Thank you so much for giving my eye sight back.

Aamir Khan

“Dr Anand is very good with the procedure. I had a good experience with him and my eyes are doing good post the surgery.”

With Best regards,

Viveck Panjabi

Well I am happy that I did my lasik from shroff eye clinic.
I haven’t seen any institution taking care of patients like u guys do.
Well thanks for ur care I will be glad to contact u for any inconvinece occurs.
Till date I an fit and fine No problems as such

Ones again thanks for ur care

Nihir Makwana

I am doing great. It’s amazing to see clearly without spectacles. Trying my best to take after surgery precautions. I will surely contact you if I need any help.

I have been asking my friends to get LASIK done at your hospital 🙂

Thank you,


I am doing fine after the procedure.  I can see clearly through both my eyes and the night vision has improved where I can drive with no issues at night.



“I got the LASIK done here around 4 months prior to writing this and I have to say, it’s definitely much better with the spectacles gone. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who’s even a little annoyed with their glasses requiring cleaning or tightening every now and then.

More than just getting LASIK done, I’d always recommend getting it done here. Dr.Shroff and his team are incredibly professional and thorough, they’re always available round-the-clock in case you have any trouble at any time during the LASIK and in  all the time that follows (including even following up via e-mail a few months later) and you’re effectively well covered for any eventuality by them so you needn’t worry.

I’d recommend getting it done on a Saturday morning btw-after the surgery, you’re not going to be able to do anything at all that first day. (Stay up late the earlier night-the more you sleep after the surgery, the better for you.)”

Rishabh MehtaJ

Big Poster 2

It really brought joy to see the lasik procedure went very well. Our family thank you for everything you have done to make our stay in mumbai pleasant esp printing out “what to do in mumbai”. We also want to thank sister Mary and all the staff for their kindness and smiles from the entrance till our exit. It was totally amazing coming in with spectacles and leaving out with clear vision. honestly ….we felt like the men in black with the shroff shades. Galaxy defenders 😀 Our regards doctor Anand and doctor Safala for their kindness, and expertise. And a special thank you to both of them. Appreciate! J

Thank you

Mohammed Ebrahim Jinnah


With each passing day I am more thankful to the Shroffs for giving me perfect vision. It has increased confidence so much and is such a welcome from the lenses that tired my eyes all day.  Dr. Safala and Dr. Anand…they have really explained things to me very patiently..when I was giving up hope after a month of lasik when my vision had become hazy. Dr. Anand’s promise of me getting perfect vision is 200% true !!!! I now suggest Lasik to everyone without haste!

Best Regards
Komal Chandnani



We are now back in Dubai, I would like extend my gratitude to Ms Ranjita and especially Dr. Anand Shroff for performing the operation successfully, Moylin is very much happy & excited to visualize world in a new dimension.

I take this opportunity once again to Thank Dr. Anand Shroff

Best Regards
Tony Yuan


Vaibhav PatilMy complete experience (pre-post Lasik) at Shroff Eye Hospital was very excellent. This is only because of Dr. Anand expertise. He is very caring, expert and professional doctor.

Dr. Anand, Dr. Safala spends considerable time with each patient to make sure patient is comfortable and has a clear understanding of the entire process. The whole staff in Shroff Eye Hospital is very informative, caring and best in there services just like Dr.!
Lasik procedure was very quick and I had immediate improvement in my vision post Lasik day one! Still healing, but VERY PLEASED.

Thanks you Shroff Eye Hospital for a wonderful experience! It’s well said “Open your eyes…to a whole new world” !

Vaibhav Patil

hemaMy Lasik operation experience was a very plesant and positive experiance . Right from the time I went for the checkup to the after recovery was very easy and well explained.
I was surprised at how quick the operation was and even more surprised with the recovery time. The time from the operation to the recovery was less than  24 hours.
It has been 4 years now since I did the operation and I have had absolutely no problems with my eyes for the entire time

Hema Nainani


saloniI would like thank The Shroff Eye Hospital for the great and quick service offered to us. The process seemed very simple due to Dr Anand’s expertise and friendliness and Dr. Safala’s encouragement and support.  A big thanks also to the rest of the team, namely Ranjita (who is very prompt at responding to emails) Aparna, Bula and everyone else that was involved.  It has just been 1 and a half weeks since the surgery, hence I guess I am still recovering as vision is not completely crisp and clear yet but seems to be improving each day, as I await to fully recover. I would highly recommend The Shroff eye Hospital to those considering Lasik!

It is totally worth the money! Dr. Shroff is a true expert!



Poster 1

Overall the treatment and facilities are very good. I would like to compliment, Ms Mary at the reception- extremely helpful and Ms Aarti Das, the nurse- very competent & courteous.

Juhi Sarkar


I have been coming to Dr Shroff since, many many years. Me bringing my brother for the eye operation itself speaks for itself my faith, and confidence in this respect for Dr Shroff. Happy with all the staffs who interacted with me. Thank you very very much. You are the Best!

Nutan Patil


The entire process was very smooth. My family and I were very pleased with Dr Anand Shroff. All staffs helped us and were very polite, very patiently answered our queries. I shall recommend your services to all without thinking twice.



Your reputation has influenced me here. Everything … the surgical procedure. Also, pre & post operative was wonderful. The 8pm call by Dr Anand Shroff was the Icing on the Cake!  Yes, all staffs are worth complementing and also Dr Anand Shroff.  You are the best I have ever
Dr Anand A. Shroff, may God bless….

Zinoo Master


Dr. Anand and his team have my deepest gratitude for making lasik an amazing experience for me.
Even within a few hours of the treatment I had better vision than with my old glasses. By evening, the vision had improved and the next morning I fully enjoyed the most amazing vision ever. One of the best decisions I have made 🙂

Alison Duffy


‘’You all have a Class of your Own’’. All of the staff members deserve the credit. You are just perfect Shroff Eye. And yes, you have fulfilled my expectations up to the mark. Definitely recommendable.

Raj Lalwani,


It is my good luck that I hit Shroff eye for my LASIK. They proved that anything can be achieved. I now enjoy my life in a much better way which just cannot be explained in words, whether it is swimming, playing cricket or just deciding to read in middle of the night everything became normal now. I thank Mr & Mrs. shroff for their Midas touch & a friendly approach. I never ever felt that I underwent such an important surgery. I was up & running in a week. I suggest anybody going for LASIK to chose Shroff with my personal experience. I have no grievance on them at all to put here. Only suggestion is if there could be a accommodation within during the period needing high care would be further good.



I was delighted with the service, care and high quality of Doctor Anand’s eye surgery and clinic. The staff were professional, courteous and responsive. It has now been exactly three months since I did the surgery with Doctor Anand in Mumbai. I flew down from London to do the surgery with doctor Anand. I was worried about the after-care since I was based so many miles away in London.
The whole experience was life-changing. I can see perfectly without glasses (touch wood) after 36 years of wearing glasses. It has been amazing and it was the best experience with Doctor Anand and Safala  who were always patient and reassuring and answered my every query and allayed all doubt before, during and after the procedure.
Many many thanks to Doctors Anand and Safala and the staff at the center.

Shivani, UK


Dear Dr Shroff,

It’s been almost 3 years since we had lasik done, and the experience has been awesome. I’m loving “glass-less” live, and so do my wife. Dr Shroff was professional all the time, and great work. Highly recommended!!

Bhaskar and Sandhya


Having my LASIK surgery at Shroff Eye was the best decision of my life. The results are amazing and the recovery time was only 5 hours.  I was eating food from the street vendors in Mumbai the same evening.

Thank you

Arif Shivji


Single Poster 1

After initial fears.I feel proud to have put my son, with -20 numbers from  birth, in the safe hands of Dr. Anand Shroff  Operation was a success. Now my  son Rahul roams about without specs even at nights. Back of the doctor’s card  reads generation of doctors, And we are the generations of patients  from my
grandfathers time. For eye related problem, we only have shroff’s clinic from  the times of Dr.Shri Chimanbhai Shroffs era. Many thanks to them.

Harshad Jani


I began wearing glasses after an injury to the eye when I was 9 years old.
Over the years the number kept increasing till it was -6.75 and -9.0. I
searched through the net for a good lasik surgeon and I hit upon this Dr.
Anand’s website. I read through all of the procedures, testimonials etc and
got in touch with Dr. Safala who guided me accordingly. The surgery was
performed by Dr. Anand in June 2010. Within a week, I had absolutely clear
vision. Gone were the thick glasses and the contact lens. It’s been almost 2
years now and my eyesight is still going strong. Now I can enjoy the
outdoors, swim, etc without any hassles. Thank you Dr. Anand and team for making it possible to see and enjoy the
world the way it is….clean and clear!!

Sujeta D


This is Akanksha Swarnim from IIT Kharagpur. I had my LASIK on 31st Dec 2011.  I am extremely thankful and at the same time happy  to tell my experience of  have my LASIK done by Dr. Shroff. The whole process or I call it  journey is incredible. Dr. Shroff in such a nice doctor and great human being with  unmatched sense of compassion. Through out the process he was extremely  friendly and tried his best to increase our confidence. I am so thankful to all his efforts that I didn’t feel any discomfort while the process. He was  talking to me all the time. The whole staff including ma’m Shafala, Mr. Prasad and Ms. Ranjitha are very  patient friendly and helpful in solving any kind of trouble, be it regarding  the schedule or regarding post surgery queries they are happy to help.
I give all my good wishes.



Dear Dr Safala / Dr Anand, Have made the ad as a token of appreciation from my side to both of you and the hospital. It was a great experience before, during and after the Epi Laser for me – and I thank you for renewing my eyesight – after almost 30 years for me wearing specs.  The poster is a simple rendition of a woman with a twinkle in her eyes. And the line suggests that one’s eyes are the birthplace of one’s dreams, which is why Shroff Hospital is such an empowerer of vision and dreams. Have looked at it as a 3-poster/ad campaign with a woman, a man and a child – and I shall be mailing the other 2 creatives to you soon. My idea was to frame these and put them up at your clinics. Hope you like them. Warmest regards,

Shantesh S Row Executive Creative Director IKON Advertising & Marketing FZ LLCDubai, UAE, 

“The decision to undergo lasik surgery at Shroff eye clinic was one of the best decision I made in my life! To be able to see clearly without anything before or on my eyes is an incredible freedom. I had been considering lasik for over 10 years but was slow to make the decision out of fear that “something” could go wrong. So everyone who knew me was very surprised to hear I was having it done in India due to their prejudices of this country. The fact that Shroff Clinic is located in India never bothered me, after I had decided that I wanted the laser system “Alegreto Concerto 500 HZ” I found Shroff eye clinic as the closest clinic to where I live, so itwas an easy choice. Also Dr Safala is a very professional patient counsellor that had the patient to remove my illiogical fears of loosing eyesight (which is not possible from lasik surgery but when you have been handicapped with bad eyesight for so many years, you do know that a little eyesight is better than nothing). So after repeatedly explaining my decision to undergo LASIK in India to many friends, I want to share my answers to others considering Shroff eye clinic: – Yes, India is still a developing country but some medical services are better than in many Western countries where eye clinics are invested in older generations of laser systems. – No, you do not get diarrhea the instant you touch down in India, I have always enjoyed food in India very much and without problems and this time was no different!”


Hi I am Kalpana Narayanan based in Mumbai. I am 39 years old and had a myopia  of -4 D in both eyes. I have been having myopia for last 27 years and have  been using spectacles/contact lenses.   On 17 September 2011, I underwent LASIK at Shroff Eye clinic. Initially I was  a bit nervous but Dr Anand Shroff made me comfortable by explaining the  procedure well and the staff were also helpful in alleviating my fears. The  procedure took just 10-15 minutes and I walked out comfortably. I had minimal  pain and tearing for 5-6 hours after the procedure but vision improved  dramatically on the same day. I was absolutely normal on the following day. I  recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to get rid of lenses/specs and  to attain a perfect vision. Thanks a lot to Shroff eye clinic and special thanks to the expertise of Dr Anand Shroff.


Hi Safala, Having returned to London last week, I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Anand for making my Lasik experience so positive and indeed, for restoring my vision – I’m still coming to terms with the fact that I no longer need to battle with my contact lenses each morning and night – and that when I wake up, it is truly my own vision and not a dream. The professionalism and support from Anand and yourself and indeed from your entire team at Shroff Eye Hospital is commendable and I am glad that I chose to have my laser procedure done there. If you do happen to visit London, please do get in touch. Aslam and I would love to have you over or take you out for dinner. Warm regards


We found your services very good and your staff  very hospitable indeed.

Kenneth B. Yuguda 

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I had done my EpiLASIK last year, and the surgery was performed by Dr. Anand Shroff, I was so comfortable during the entire procedure and really Dr. Anand is a Gentleman and amazing Dr. Prior to performing the EpiLASIK, I had many queries as I was in Dubai, and Dr. Safala Shroff, answered to all my queries through mails which I really appreciate, because she took all efforts to make understand how exactly the procedure would progress. Finally, after my surgery I am very happy with my vision and really thank Dr. Anand and Dr. Safala for the support and professionalism they have shown and their continuous guidance even nearly after a year of surgery. Regards,

Anthony George 

We encourage patients to send us a feedback which would help others who wish to seek our services be more at ease when they visit us. They tell us what they think of our service and we are delighted to say that our patients are extremely happy with the way we care for them – please see some of their testimonials below. We appreciate your feedback on the LASIK treatment experience here with us. Submit your testimonials. Words cannot describe my gratitude for Dr Anand Shroff for the impeccable LASIK performed on me last Wednesday (23rd March 2011). Your passion and zeal for the Wavelight Concerto 500 and the thorough manner in which you checked and rechecked my eyes for the procedure 3 times, made a sceptic like me just dive in for the procedure. I feel like a kid in candyland. looking at this “new world” with such crisp, sharp and clear vision, one that I never could imagine would have ever been possible for me. Its like Dr Anand Shroff has removed a veil between me and this beautiful world. Thank you Dr Safala Shroff for being so patient in answering the endless questions pre and post procedure. You have been extremely prompt and elaborate in your response.


Hello everyone, I am really fortunate to have been able to get my LASIK done from Dr. Shroff Eye Clinic. My numbers before the surgery was -7.5 and i was so tensed about the surgery. But now i feel i got the right surgery done by the best surgeon at the right time. It has been a wonderful experience. I am enjoying the post surgery period and all thanks to Dr. Safala Shroff, Dr. Anand Shroff and the entire staff for being so cooperative. Truely said – “Open your eyes to a whole new world..”

Jinal Gandhi 

Hi Safala, I trust you’ve been well. First of all, thank you for taking such good care of my mum when she was at your clinic last month. It sounds like her surgery went very well and she’s extremely pleased with the results. I appreciate everything you and Dr. Anand did for my parents. And since you did such a splendid job with my mum’s eyes, my dad and I both want to get our eyes done as well. To that extent, we’re thinking of sometime in early May and will confirm dates once we have a better sense of things on our end. In the meantime, would you please send me the names and contacts of the hotels in the area that offer a special rate to your patients. This will greatly aid in our planning. Thank you again!


Dear Dr Anand Shroff You may not remember me – I am a patient of yours. I saw you last Feb 2010 and has lasik done on both eyes. I very much enjoyed my experience with you and really enjoyed my “journey” to Goa when you talked me through the procedure. Im almost done with my residency, set to graduate in June, and will go for geriatrics fellowship in Hawaii for one year. Presently, i am spending one month in kathmandu and enjoying my learning experience at the CIWEC clinic. I shared my experience at your clinic with some physicians here who are interested in getting lasik done. I just wanted to inform you that Ive recommended your clinic and specifically you to these doctors.

Hiren Patel MD, PGY-3 The Department of Family Medicine Brody School of Medicine

Hello Dr. Safala and Dr. Anand Shroff, I got my Lasik done at your clinic last year in November. I had come from Canada. Hope you remember me. I just wanted to thank you both and your team for providing me such a nice and clear vision. The surgery was absolutely painless for me and so was the recovery. I had heard that it normally take 2-3 days to heal before I came for the surgery, but to my surprise I was roaming outside the very next day and enjoying my new clear vision all thanks to Dr. Anand’s expertise and your support. I am very happy and glad to inform you that till date I do not hsve a single issue with the eyes. Thank you so much. I really appreciate everything that you both and your team has done for me from the day I mailed you for the first time till I came for my last appointment. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year!! I will definitely recommend you clinic to my family and friends for any of their eye problems. Thank You,

Neha Vohra Canada 

I just had my LASIK done in the 3rd week of October’2010 by Dr. Anand Shroff. My eyes feel fine, and have been feeling fine all through; the actual (distance!) vision is improving from “Ok” to “Pretty Good” with each day, as periods of rest help. Absolutely no discomfort, itchiness, irritation or flares, haloes, etc., which is a distinct improvement over both spectacles and contact lenses. A distinct plus is the disappearance of linear distortion, especially off-axis, which I’ve lived with all my life! I now can use a wider range of camera equipment without fiddling with the dioptre adjustments for the viewfinder of each device! I’m getting used to the off-the-shelf reading glasses, and have no complaints in that area.

And yes, basketball is MUCH BETTER without the hassle or risk of contacts, and the associated irritation of wearing lenses in heavily air-conditioned indoor arenas, or dusty outdoor courts!
I have noticed details in the manner in which Dr Anand, you, and indeed most of your staff, have no problem with adhering to the various protocols in the different areas of your practice, and the real gains to the patient, whether it is appreciated or not and I would not trust mine & my family’s health to a sloppy practice. Therefore, I can see no better choice than using your services.
My family is quite fascinated by my new-found “good” eyesight, and, like me, appreciates straight talk, with none of the disgusting sales pitches which seem to be the norm today in too many “professional” centres for ANYthing!
Thank you both Dr. Anand, Dr. Safala and your counter and support staff, too – please do convey my thanks to them for your polished, highly professional approach and equally polished level of skills; I wish you every success in your future ventures!
Best regards,

Gerald Menon



I had specs for more than 20 yrs. Finally decided to get lasik. After lot of R&D, chose Dr. Anand Shroff’s clinic in Mumbai. By God, what an experience !! He has got both talent and pleasant manners. Had a flawless procedure done. Everything went like clock worincluding the healing.

The place and people were Very Hygenic, very punctual and very through. And if you are the kinds who does not believe in Angels, wait till you meet Dr. Safala Shroff. Incidentally, she was the first person I clearly saw with my naked eyes, quite literally :-). Amazing personality with perfect mix of strength and grace. And helpful like a mother.

The freedom of natural vision is undescribable. Helped a big way in restoring my personality.

Vinayak Raghuvamshi



I would like to thank Anand and Safala. I had LASIK two years ago and it has made a huge difference to my life. If you have been dependent on glasses for thirty years you will know what I mean.

I wish Anand and Safala the best!

23rd August 2010

Big Poster 6' x 10'

I did a lot of research before I undertook LASIK surgery since I had lived in Dubai, New York, London and Melbourne.
I determined Dr Shroff had the best technology, undisputed, one of only few machines in the world! That sealed the deal, apart from his many qualifications ofcourse.
He was very professional, honest and empathetic. The hardest personal choice and yet the best decision I’ve ever made.
I recommend without hesitation.

Mark Trayling
B.Sc.(Econ)Hons(London) MBA(Columbia)



I was having -6.5 long distance number and i was wearing specs for 30 years, I am 43 years old, and I did my lasik surgery in APRIL 2009 and for the last year I am absolutely fine without specs.
Dr. Anand Shroff is MASTER and very genuine doctor and giving right directions to patients.
No hidden cost, clear transactions, and most important skillful doctor.

I wish all the best to Doctor Anand Shroff.

Sandeep Shandilya
Thane, India



Dear Dr. Shroff,

The decision to get Lasik done and getting it done from you has been one of wisest decisions taken by me in recent years. Prior to getting Lasik done, I would always take off my prescription glasses before getting into important meetings as I never got comfortable with them. It’s all about the feel good factor when you look at yourself in the mirror every morning and I’m happy to say that the feel good factor has come back with a bang with my “new LASIK eyes”. Nearly two years have gone by and I’m still going strong..

Thanks a lot for working towards improving the quality of life for so many people.

PS:I had to give up my love for sunglasses before Lasik and now I look forward to sunny days to sport one without fail 🙂

Deepak Chopra
New York, USA



Hello Dr Anand,

I have been doing lovely after I did Lasik in November.
I am enjoying every moment without glass, credit goes to you and your staff, I would like to say thank you again.
I wouldn’t have trust any other eye surgeon in India except you.
I hope my eye sight stays normal forever.I used dry eyes drops for last 6 months prescribed by you, just stopped few days ago.
Please find my photo with sunglasses, I mentioned to you that I love wearing sun glasses and am enjoying, that was one of my wish in the list.
I wish everyone a very good health and future to you and everyone in your family.

Warm Regards,

J Jethwani


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At the moment just getting a bit bored waiting to fly to Sydney. Meanwhile enjoying life without glasses after using it for nearly 16 years.
The main purpose of this surgery for me was to get back to sports and a bit of swimming besides the usual advantage in the night.
Australia being such a sports loving and sports promoting country with its beautiful outdoor lifestyle will just be perfect without glasses.
While I am at home I usually just sit on the net chatting, emailing or browsing or watch cricket or Discovery channel on the TV. So even at home it helps without glasses.



Dear Doctor,

I can’t explain in words how happy I’ m after the LASIK procedure. It is a great relief from carrying glasses and lenses all the time.
The best part is getting up in the morning and looking at the clock without the need to wear glasses.
I sincerely thank you for letting me experience this.

Warm regards,




Dr Anand,

Thank you very much for carrying out the lasik – its given me renewed confidence and freedom to do activities that I previously would’ve found cumbersome.
For example, I was trekking in Ladakh (in the Himalayas) and in August will be scuba diving in the Eastern Caribbean.
Kind regards,




I am extremely glad for having come across the Shroff Eye Hospital website, and getting in touch with Dr Anand and Dr Safala. I could not have asked for anything more.

Thank you once again,




I have had a great experience of Shroff Eye Hospital as well as with Dr. Anand Shroff.
I would definitely recommend the same to my friends/colleagues/relatives as when they opt for LASIK.




Your service has been marvellous and if I compare to the other hospitals; yours is the best. Please keep it up.

God bless you.

With kind regards and wishing you well,

Dr Premhar Shah
Middlesex, UK



Just wanted to drop a note to say hello and thank you once again for my new improved vision. I am back in Austin and enjoying every bit of not having to worry about glasses and contacts. So thanks once again and I hope to stay in touch. I have been enjoying some tennis and running without glasses or contacts and I will try to get a picture in sometime and send it to you. Other than that it’s been back to work and classes for me so things have gotten quite busy.



Dear Safala and Anand,

We have such fond memories of you both and appreciated how you went out of your way to help us enjoy our time in India.

We hope to return when our kids are just a bit older and can handle the travel better.


Jana and John



Thank you for excellent service.




Hello Dr. Shroff and Office,

We are now living in Cairo, Egypt and I am enjoying living there great deal. My favorite thing to do is to horseback ride around the pyramids – they are truly amazing. Not having to wear contacts has been such a wonderful thing for me, especially when there are sand storms in the spring! I am so happy that I had the surgery – it has made my life much easier.

Thank you,

Sharon Levanen


Dear Anand,

I’m doing good and been very busy in Dubai, you are doing a gr8 job.
Thank you once again for being such a amazing Dr and thanks to u that i got rid of my glasses.




Hi Dr. Safala,

-I’m happily seeing the world without my specs now thanks to you and  Dr. Anand!




Life is great with new vision and a new goal in life.




I am doing very well and enjoying my new found vision (without specs or lenses!)

Thanks again for changing my life 🙂

Leicester, UK


Yes… I am definitely enjoying life after Lasik. Its all the little things that actually make the difference for example being able to see the alarm clock in the middle of the night and/or when the alarm goes off and not having to reach out for yr glasses; opening yr eyes first thing in the morning, brushing your teeth :), going to the hairdressers and being able to see at all times what’s been done to yr hair and not taking a peak every so often from yr glasses (!), having a facial, massage, going to the spa (I still haven’t visited a whole day spa after Lasik!), doing eye makeup…and generally being able to see 24/7 with your own eyes and not feel like “I can’t be bothered to go out at short notice coz I have to wear my lenses!” I guess the list is long. Going on holiday is great as one doesn’t have to think about and pack adequate supply of lenses, saline etc.

I am very glad not only to have done Lasik but to have had it done by u.




lambertMust rate Dr Shroff’s Eye Hospital as ‘Excellent’ ! 2yrs ago, I had my Lasik Eye Surgery done by Dr Anand Shroff and the results were Great ! Must say its nice to have such an Eye Hospital in Mumbai …Extremely professional and a place with high standards !

Lambert D’Cunha




To: Dr. Anand. Shroff

I had my lasik done at your Bandra clinic on 25th July.
I want to give you a feedback on the treatment.
First of all I am delighted to be devoid of glasses. A big thankyou!
I think the way your team/clinic conducts the whole procedure is very professional, right from reconfirmation of appointments, to explaining the whole procedure in words and in writing, to the helpline and all. Meeting you and talking to you definitely gave me and my family the confidence to go ahead with the lasik procedure.
I wish you and your team all the very best.  I reside in Dubai, and if you plan to come to that side of the world, pls do drop me an email.

Thanks and warm regards,

Mrs. Geeta. Ramakrishnan



Dear Sir

Sir I am very well and hope the same is true for you , sir you would not believe but I thank you every few days from bottom of my heart as now I am able to do many things which I was not able to do when I had a high number of  – 7 and all
Few days back I got wet in the rains and when I sat in my car there was smile on my face as no longer I had to wipe my glasses !! it was a big first for me after many years and at that moment I thought of you and thank you there are many many such cases,
Sir will just pray and wish you many years of this good job.

Thank You Sir,

Warmest Regards,

Arun Bhatia

Hi Doctor,

Thanks to your Clinic, I start to see life at look around differently, better, and natural like I used to it 14 years ago. I will thank you all my life, 10000 thanks to doctor Anand.

Best Regards,




Thank you Dr. Anand for giving me my 20/20 vision back making my life easier and without which I wouldn’t  be able to enjoy my vacation fully.


P Desai


Hi doctor. Hope and pray you in the best of health with the will of God. I waz very happy to meet you when i came for my review after a year or so after my surgery. You a great doctor who did a great job on my eye.
May God take you from strength to strength.

Shahid Adam



Dear Anand,

Good to hear from you.  I am doing just fine and still enjoying the miracle of my new vision!  I have just taken a promotion and am going to be staying on here in Afghanistan.

All the very best,




Dear Dr. Anand,

I’m always thankful to you for all that you have done for me your sincere effort have contributed to making my life more successful and enjoyable.

You are always in my prayer.

Thanks n Regards,




My life has changed drastically after LASIK. Thanks a lot. Dr Safala was also a gr8 help during d surgery and was extremely hospitable.





Dear Dr. Anand,

I am doing fine and I have very good vision on both eyes. I recently got my vision checked from an Optician and she said that I have 6/6 vision.  I am very happy with the outcome and I am grateful for your services.

For your knowledge, I will describe two of the affects I had after the procedure. Initially, there were reflections in my vision during exposure to bright light. It was a slight distraction. This I found out was due to the eye drops I was using. After the eye drops were stopped it faded away. Secondly, I had to get used to the bright light and the clear contrast of my vision. This I think was due to the defocused vision I was used to receiving through my glasses. I was using sunglasses in bright light for about two months. Now everything is fine but as a precaution I wear sunglasses in bright sun light when possible (Sri Lanka is very sunny all year around due to its closeness to the equator).

I hope this feedback will help you.

Best regards,




Hi Dr,

I am doing fine. I am enjoying not wearing glasses, it was excellent to have the lasik done at your clinic. Whoever asks any kind of news regarding about eye problems, laser etc we have mentioned to surely visit your clinic.

it is a wonderful clinic.

Thanks and regards,




Thanks Dr. Anand.

I am really happy with the surgery, the technology used, overall hygiene standards followed and the overall conduct of all the staff I dealt with at Shroff Eye Hospital and communicating with Dr. Safala was such a breeze (she would give comprehensive explanations on everything I wanted to know).
I have forwarded the links and the info of your clinic to my recent friends in Brisbane (I am still relatively new to Brisbane and Queensland) and will continue to do so.





I really want to thank you for giving me a new pair of eyes.
Thank you for always inquiring about things.

Warmest regards,




Dear Dr. Anand Shroff,

I would like to express my profound gratitude for what you have done for me. Life’s much better without having to bother about an increase in number whenever I’m on the Computer or just watching a movie.
And I don’t even miss the visits for the eye check …… all thanks to YOU!
Here’s thanking you and your staff for all the effort and pain put into it.
God bless and may success follow all the years of your life.

Ariel D’Souza



MIKEI have been using the glasses for long distance for almost sixteen years and have always been thinking of getting rid of it because it greatly hampers my outgoing lifestyle. I can certainly vouch from my experience that “Shroff Eye Hospital” with Dr. Anand Shroff and Dr. Safala Shroff is better than the best in India and even the world (I have interacted with quite a few eye doctors in India and abroad – Australia, USA and New Zealand).
I have known about lasik surgery since 1998 but was not inclined to do it in 1998 because it was relatively new and I was apprehensive about it`s long term effects. 11 years after following its effects and side effects, I think it is really safe and can safely recommend it to my family and friends in India and abroad. I had my surgery done on 18 March 2009 and feel great post surgery. The work ethics, pre and post surgery procedures and advice and professional attitude of the Dr. Shroff duo has greatly impressed me (I am quite hard nosed and do not praise anyone or anything for nothing and am really hard to impress).
Cheers and keep up the great work.


Mahesh (Mike) Yadav



SKRIKANTHi, This is Shrikant,
I underwent LASIK surgery in May-2008. I had spects since childhood and as I grew up thickness of my glasses also increased. I wore contact lenses for about 7 yrs and wanted to get rid it. I came across LASIK treatment and heard about Dr.Shroff`s Eye clinic.
Earlier I was very affraid of it and was not sure that this can be cured completely. Many thanks to Dr Anand and Dr Safala, who explained me about the surgery and assured me that I can get my natural vision back. It was just 15 mins play and I was out of operation theatre. Dr Safala explained me all the Do`s and Dont`s in detail. I must appreciate the way Dr Anand and his team work and show the hospitality. 🙂
Now I feeling really very good that I dont need to wear lenses/specs anymore and can do anything without any fear.

Thank you very much..!!

Cheers.. :).

Shrikant Tawani


AMITI am Amit Tarte, a Software professional from Pune. I had specs since I was in second standard. Due to that I had to be very careful about specs every time. So I think I missed some of fun from my childhood such as freestyle fighting in schools, some sports etc. since every time I had to take care of my specs or had to remove it temporary. I think due to specs, I was mature early than other boys. Due to high number of specs,unknowingly I had some insecurity/complex in myself.
Later in college I had option of contact lenses to get rid from specs but unfortunately that option didn`t suite me very well. ‘Laser treatment for specs’ this I heard since my childhood but never thought of it due to age limit. Finally early this year, I was thinking of laser treatment and decided to get more information about it. I searched (Googled) lot of information about laser treatment, its technology, methods, advantages, drawbacks etc. I discussed with friend who already gone through treatment. I got known about Dr.Shroff and his advanced laser technology. Before meeting Dr.Shroff, I had some fear about this Lasik treatment. But when I meet Dr.Anand and Dr.Safala and discussed thoroughly with them, my fear got disappear and I decided to under go through treatment. On Treatment Day before Lasik procedure,Dr. safala nicely given all information about procedure and made positive attitude towards procedure. The actual procedure was just of few seconds for per eye and Dr. Anand and his lasers made magic just like ‘magic stick of fairy’ and I got freedom from my years long specs.
The hospital staff is also very caring and cooperative. Now after seven months of treatment I am enjoying specs free vision and found lot of confidence boost in myself. Finally I would like to thank Dr.Anand, Dr. Safala and all hospital staff for giving me new specs free vision.

Amit Tarte


I am very satisfied!

Motte Mandeyan



I sent email to 12 Famous Eye Specialists of Mumbai on 29/07/2008, Got just a single reply from YOU, visited Dr.Rahul Shroff with reference to the email, Knew all details with an appointment of Dr.Ashok Shroff for 31/7/08 and got surgery appointment with Dr.Anand Shroff for 01/08/2008. She admitted at 08:45, entered in Operation Complex by 10:00 am and came out healthy and happily at 10:15 am. AMAZINGLY.

During the treatment, hospitality, surgery, appointments, accounts procedures and all other communication we feel we are not in India. The infrastructure and environment along with the extra ordinary hospitality made a pleasant treatment.
You are THE BEST.
God Bless You All ! You took good care of my mother.
Way to Success !

Ebrahim Soorya



Dear friends
I have developed recently a cataract in my left eye and then into the right eye. It has developed so quickly that I was almost unable to see anything even with magnifying glasses.
I heard of a recent development in the treatment of cataract in USA but implanting a multifocal lens in the eye to replace the bad one.
In the USA it takes long time to get appointment with a good center plus it is not conveniently located near by apart from being very expensive. I found a center in Bombay, India imported the same technology and has practiced it on over 500 cases at a very reasonable cost and conveniently located at 2.5 hours far from Dubai by air and in a high class area of Bombay.
I contacted the center and fixed an appointment and travelled accordingly.
First eye surgery was done after one day of simple exams and the second eye surgery was performed only 4 days afterwards. What amazed me was the speed of the procedure which was done in 20 minutes only and while I was chatting with the surgeon he said …operation finished.
Immediately after one hour, I left to my room in the hotel and next day bandages were removed and start enjoying the supervision sight permanently.
Cost of surgery in India for both eyes is $2,800, while at John Hopkins $35,000.
I am now back in Dubai and preparing for my summer vacation with my family to Los Angeles July 1st till Aug 19th
I thank you all who shared their worries with me and followed up my trip and hope you enjoy the best of health for ever.

Dr Faisal Sajwani



What a wonderful experience and the life I am enjoying after the Lasik. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Anand Shroff and Dr. Safala Shroff for the detail information they have given me.
I would strongly recommend you to go for it without any doubt.
Good Luck !!!

Manoj Singh



MAHESHI am from Pakistan. My eye Sight was weak… My number was more than 5 & i had contacted on mail with Dr. Safala Shroff. Went to India in May 07. Dr. test my my eyes & Dr. Anand do the lasik of my both eyes in 20 minutes and talking with me about my india tour.

I am very inspired with him & specially the dealing / contact of Dr. Safala. Even me & my family never forget how Dr. Anand gave us lift in a rainy day in mumbai & drop us at our hotel and late for his meeting.

(THANKS) .I have no problem with my eyes yet and i do not wear glasses.

Mahesh Notaney



I got my laser done on the 17/5/2008 all the doctors were excellent. i thought that this procedure wasnt possible as i had astigmatism. Dr. Anand Shroff really took me through the procedure and actually explained that it was better i got it done to competely removed the astigmatism problem.
It took less then 7 mins per eye and it was painless. Im very happy with the doctors they really took care of me and i flew back to my home country, kenya few days after the laser.
Good Luck !!!

Naiya Somra


I woke up on the day of my surgery feeling anxious, however from the moment I arrived at Shroffeye I was immediately put at ease.

The team was very friendly, professional and the surgery was painless. It`s amazing to be able to see without glasses. The whole experience has been life changing.

Thank you to all the staff and the surgeon.


Mariam Sulaiman

I found the doctor at Shroff Eye Hospital the best ophthalmologist that I have encountered in the past 20 years.They are the best in giving the right and the most patient friendly advice where patient care is centric and everything else including their fees is tertiary.
I sincerely appreciate their great work and their selfless attitude during highly economically turbulent times when the ethics and values of the best of people sways,they have been dedicated to doing a great job.

Keep up the great and noble work.

With Best Wishes,

Dr. Swati Dhawan



I used to wear glasses/contacts on a regular basis before I got the surgery done. Everything was explained very well before the procedure and the results are great!
I will surely recommended Shroff Eye to all my friends and relatives.

June B.



Words fail me when I have to express my delight at what has become of me post my ICL surgery. Thank God! I did it and that I did it at Shroff Eye. Its been an amazing world since after that. I was a very high myopic and I had never dreamt about seeing the world without my lenses!Imagine how it feels when you know you can take a nap anytime you wish to without having to ceremoniously prepare to remove your lenses. I now feel I am always ready to get set and GO :)))
I shall always be grateful to Dr. Anand Shroff for gifting me this perfect vision!He is not only adept at his work, but did also make the whole surgery a calm, painless and a very pleasant experience for me. I am specially thankful to Dr. Safala for guiding me so well through the whole process, and I owe a BIG thankyou to the nurses and the staff of the hospital. They have always made me feel welcome and ready to serve.




I have been short sighted since the age of 5 and as the years progressed I developed astigmatism too. Have been wearing gas permeable lenses for the last 20 years. There have been constant problems with my eyes developing allergic conjuctivitis to the lenses and the whole contact lens experience has been traumatic both physically and emotionally. Have considered LASIK for several years while I was living in USA but nevr got around to it fort various reasons. After we moved to India in Aug 2007 I stumbled upon Shroff LASIK center through the internet and ever since I spoke to Dr.Safala Shroff on the phone and physically came in for a consultation and met Dr. Anand Shroff and saw the whole outfit, there was no looking back for me. The wavefront analysis is amazingly accurate and the facilities, hygiene, follow up , etc is state of the art. As soon as the procedure was done I had perfect vision (a tad bleary for a few hours). It has been 4 months and there has been no regression in my vision so far. I have had doctor friends in USA with eyesight as bad as mine go in for repeated Lasiks at well known Clinics as their vision did not stabilize at the first attempt. So far mine has been very stable and I guess that is because of the Concerto which is used at the Shrof LASIK institute. Dr. Anand is so confident about the whole thing that you just know that you are in good hands and Dr. Safala is just outstanding and ever approachable to clarify any doubts at any time.
I highly recommend getting your LASIK done here. I never dreamt that there would be a day in my life where I could just go to sleep when I am tired without cleaning my lenses or worrying about dust bothering my lenses if I drive with the window open.

Indrani Danave



Three months after LASIK. This is my second post here. All cool no problems at all. Till today i never even have gone for any post Lasik check-ups like 1-month after surgery checkup or 2-month after surgery checkup -reason i am very lazy :-).
I did have the check-up the day after surgery. WHO all are going to have LASIK or already had LASIK surgery , be very clear with the post-lasik precautions and follow them exactly as told by your doctor. I shall go for a check-up in few days and will post here regarding that




I have undergone lasik from Dr.Anand. Pain-free , Pain-less surgery. Now my vision is completely normal. Only 15 days till now after LASIK . Enjoying the world without glasses. Dr Anand and Dr Safala have guided me well in the post-procedure precautions .

Thanks Dr Anand and Dr Safala.




I came to know about Shroff Eye in the Google search.Initially I had lot of questions in my mind about the safety & accuracy of the technology.After getting comfortable with the reputation of the shroff eye hospital & expertise of Dr. Anand shroff in this field, i decided to ahead with the LASIK.The entire procedure was trouble free.The results of the surgery are really appreciable in all respect.I thank Dr. Anand for his safe & accurate hands.Also for bringing this technology to India.I thank Dr. Safala for her support in medical insurance related matters & timely response in getting things in right place at right time.LASIK has really changed my lifestyle.More than a lifestyle, a normal eye-sight is important.I would really recommend LASIK for those who use contact lenses since we anyway spend Rs 5 thousand on contact lenses per year. I am not a handicap now. No specs….No contact lenses….. Life is all about enjoyment. LASIK is worth spending money to enjoy the life.

Deepak Channe



I had my Lasik in Nov 07 and I’m so glad I decided not only to have the Lasik but to have it by Dr. Anand Shroff. My number has been fully corrected and I now have 20/20 vision.I had been wearing glasses/contact lenses from the age of 8 and I had high numbers of -6.5 and -7. I always wondered what it must be like to see with your own eyes 24/7 and finally it’s a dream come true! It’s a wonderful feeling, and it’s been great getting rid of glasses and not having to reach out for them 1st thing in the morning or at the hairdressers 🙂 etc etc! I’d always known about corrective eye surgery but never gave it a serious thought despite the benefits. In Sept 06, my mum had been recommended to see Dr. Anand and really liked his attitude. She also noticed a lot of youngsters who had Lasik and brought me back some literature from Shroff Eye Hospital. In April 07 whilst in Bombay, I decided to meet Dr. Anand to check if I was eligible for Lasik before even considering/going into further details and I was a candidate. This is when I started thinking more and more about it and slowly found out some of my friends had undergone Lasik – in USA, India and UK – so I started asking them loads of questions and getting their views. I was lucky each friend was at a different stage (i.e. 1 month, 4 months and 3 yrs) which gave me a wider spectrum and I received all positive feedback. I also did extensive research on the internet andcorresponded with Dr. Safala by email who had been wonderful and very helpful. She was always prompt and detailed in her replies. I asked a lot of questions and she answered all my queries. Being a female, I was naturally concerned about general risks/side effects and being able to wear eye makeup amongst other things. Do’s and don’ts were fully explained. On one hand, I was apprehensive as it is our eyes after all! On the other I was tempted to correct my vision and therefore had made up my mind to undergo Lasik, which although is quite common these days, is still a major and important decision to make. You have to find the right surgeon and be comfortable and after meeting Dr. Anand, that’s exactly how I felt and I knew I was in good/safe hands. It was his and Dr. Safala’s warm, personal and friendly attitude along with his confidence which made my decision even stronger to undergo the procedure and have it at Shroff Eye in Mumbai despite living in London. I was confident throughout when I made this decision however on the actual day, I was naturally a little nervous and thought I could still back out. Even though I knew from all my research and feedback that the procedure was very quick, painfree and smooth and I knew every step of the procedure, I was amazed that it actually was the case. Both doctors were in conversation throughout and made me feel relaxed. The instructions of post care eye drops given by Dr. Safala were very clear. Although I was fully aware of the facts and post-op care, the first 6 hours were not as bad as I’d imagined in terms of discomfort. I was happy with the overall experience and the follow-up. There were no surprises.
Thank you so much once again Dr. Anand and Dr. Safala for everything and for being patient! You’ve both been wonderful and I really appreciate it!I am experiencing some halos around lights at night, which has started getting better and does not hamper my night driving. I did have dry eyes initially but not as bad as I had thought and this too has reduced although I still use the Refresh eye drops 2-3 times a day and before each session on the computer. One has to be patient and give the eyes a few months to adjust. I would definitely recommend Lasik to anyone, especially those with higher numbers, and doing it at Shroff Eye Hospital with Dr Anand Shroff. Nevertheless, everyone should do their research and be informed about Lasik. Ask questions and clear any doubts beforehand. Have no fear!




AlisonThe LASIK procedure and Dr Shroff in particular was recommended to me by my partner Paul Gill. He had his surgery in 2007 and it has changed his life. I waited until my son was 7 months old to begin the process and even now can`t believe how quickly everything has happened. We live in London so I wanted to make sure appointments were available so I could be seen the day I landed into Mumbai, and have the surgery if I was suitable the following day which was a saturday. This was no problem.
Dr Safala was amazingly prompt with her replies to my emails and answered my questions about the differences between LASIK procedure at Shroff eye clinic and Optical Express in the UK. She even gave me hotel advice! I arranged my flight and hotel within a week of communictaion and flew over the next week. I had my consultation with Dr Anand Shroff the day I landed 22 Feb07 and was booked in for surgery the following day. The laser treatment itself was so short and pain free that I mostly remember the conversation Anand and I were having more than anything. It was over in minutes. I wasn`t nervous at all as the Doctor made it a very comfortable experience from beginning to end. My eyes felt sandy for a few hours which was normal but by the next day I was up and out, properly `sight` seeing. Had a check-up with the Doctor the following afternoon although by then I knew my vision was better. However, I couldn`t believe how much I could see on the eye chart and felt so emotional. Almost two weeks on and I’m still on a high about being able to see the world, as I say with HD TV eyes!
Many many thanks to Safala and Dr. Anand for making this experience personal, professional and enjoyable all the way through. Anand is so dedicated that he sees patients on the weekend which is very useful for visitors like me.I am so impressed that I want to start arranging 4-day LASIK packages for my friends!
I encourage people from all over the world to visit Doctor Shroff who can get their eyesight back while on a weekend break to Mumbai!.

Alison DeMello



Was a great experience….!!




Very Good NO! ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT IS WHAT IT ISHAVING WORN GLASSES FOR OVER 40YEARS.I ARRIVED AT THE CONSULTATION AND AS SUCH, HAD NO QUESTIONS TO ASK.THE CONSULTATION & PROCEEDURE TOOK PLACE WITHIN AN ASSURED ATMOSPHERE,the dedication,proffesionalisim was tinged with a high amount of compasion. Its a one to one business.Post op was like being a child with a brand new toy, But! told not to play with it imediately. The temptation was so hard to resist. And then its a non-stop assault on the all seeing outside world,shouting out the comparisons of vision as if it only belonged to ones self, sharing with anybody & everybody the experience,freedom without prescription distortion,the confidence in going for a swim,relaxing behind ordinary sunglasses. At over 50 years of age theres just the reliance on reading glasses, and thats just a fact of life, but it does not stop there, reading is more comfortable than ever before.Meeting fellow patients was very much an emotional rollercoster ride,we saw each other before, then after. Having arrived back in the UK, my night vision whilst driving was fabulous, again confidence, I use to dread driving in the twilight hours,huge halos from the car lights. Not reaching out for glasses first thing in the morning,no more misting up,no phantom moves to touch where once glasses use to sit.
Before the proceedure, I had such a low and sensitive reaction to anything regarding my eyes,that even adminstering eye drops was a full frontal assault, now I put my own drops in and that makes a difference, thats confidence.People ask of cost? Yes it was considerably less than in the UK and anywhere else,so what ever the saving may have been was delibertly spent on a hoilday of a lifetime, combined with receiving the gift of vision, and from a well established family practise, whose ethos is second to none.
From a very much gratefull patient Mr John Singh UK

John Singh



I got my LASIK done on Jan 19th 07. I live in Boston and I was a little nervous scheduling something so major over email but Dr. Safala was great in answering all my questions and laying my mind at ease. The exam and surgery went great and Dr. Anand answered all our questions patiently and was willing to answer even the smallest of questions very calmly. After a week of the surgery, while my eye was still healing my 1 yr old poked his finger in my eye, which wrinkled the flap a little bit.
Dr. Anand attended to my problem promptly and fixed everything smoothly. His team was so wonderful…i have no words to thank them. I owe them this wonderful gift of being glasses/lenses free for the past year!

Thank you very much!.

Mehjabin Kapasi
Boston, USA



MonyshaI`ve experienced a miracle! It`s a dream come true! Imagine waking up in the morning without having to grope for your glasses and enjoying perfect vision.
I was nervous before the procedure but it turned out to be quick and painless. I could see clearly the same night before going to sleep.
The next day, I was perfectly fine and went shopping around Mumbai.I`m so glad I did the Lasik. I`m now enjoying a new life without glasses or contact lenses, especially given that I enjoy my hobbies like aerobics, swimming, yoga etc.
Thank you so much to Dr Anand and Safala Shroff and to their friendly staff for this life-changing experience!!

Monysha Jhamna


I just cant say how much happy and ecstatic im with this new found ability to c the world clearly.Im thankful to you for having given me the best treatment. Eagerly looking forward to enjoying the things that i have missed out earlier. I wish i could turn the clock back and go to my teen days with this clearline of sight. Nevertheless looking forward to a happy journey in future full of energy and confidence. Thx a lot doctor for all your valuable assistance and help.By the way today as i was walking on the road in the dark evening, I could not believe my eyes as I could see the entire stretch of the street and all the lights no more seemed blurred..




I had my LASIK surgery done on 3-Oct-2007. I must say that overall experience from enquiry phase to post-surgery phase is fantastic !! Dr. Anand, Dr Safala and their team are truly professional in the manner in which they treat the patients. It is almost 2 months since the surgery and some of the real benefits that I have been enjoying are :
1. I do not need to grope for the spectacles when I wake up from sleep. This is one of the most wonderful experiences. Only those who have had a high myopia can appreciate what I am trying to say. You open your eyes as soon as you wake up from sleep and you are able to see everything clearly. For example, you don’t need to put on those specs to see the time on the wall clock, or to see which station you have arrived at while traveling in train/bus !
2. Not wearing specs as well as contact lenses, gives a natural freedom to your eyes. Two weeks ago, I drove for long hours 5 hours at a stretch both during day and night. And I had no problems. In fact, I found driving after the surgery much less strainful to the eyes than what it used to be with lenses or specs.
3. Being an IT professional, I am glued to my laptop most of the time. This was one of my major concerns for postponing the surgery for last almost 10 years. What if it affects my work !! But it does not. I am very comfortable working long hours as I used to do before surgery.The best part of my experience with this surgery is that I could get back to work so quickly in just a couple of days time !
The friendly atmosphere in and out of the operation theatre makes you feel very much at ease. I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in LASIK to meet Dr. Anand Shroff avail of his services.l

Abhijit Pandit


DSC02973It is always a pleasure to communicate with you. Thank you very much for looking after Jouke Anne so well. Very nice to note also that you have upgraded your already world classequipment to the very latest. I think therefore that you have a two-fold advantage over any clinic here in Ireland, A much superior and very open and human communication as well as a much lower cost for the procedure. The cost is low enough so that with flight and hotel cost added there is still a considerable saving with for a superior treatment. And the experience of being in another culture thrown in! I will make a website about our experience with your services.

Jouke de Ruiter



Its 15 days post LASIK…and still it feels like a own eyes cant believe!!i have heard not all dreams come true..but this has !!!! n its so much amazing !! loved it. loved the whole experience of LASIK and the Shroffs too!! thanks!!..and lots of them for making change.

Shruti Vaidya



I was thinking about getting it for nearly 2 yrs and finally got it done december 2006. Its has been life changing for me to be able to wake up and see and the fact that it took only 5 mins, i also drove my car the next day to visit dr shroff for a routine check.

Sampada Inamdar



I have been particularly impressed with the service provided by Shroff Eye Hospital. The service has been nothing short of perfect right from the initial enquiry, through to the consultation, surgery and aftercare.As an overseas patient, I was extremely reluctant to book treatment without first meeting face to face. However, the information and assistance I received from Dr Safala Shroff was enough to convince me to book with the hospital and to make the trip to Mumbai.The treatment itself was smooth and painfree and was of little inconvenience during my trip to India. Other than the dry eyes in the first few months, I have suffered no ill effects of the treatment.
I have recommended the treatment to many in the UK and would gladly recommend the centre to anyone on this testimonial. The cost of the treatment is a fraction of the equivalent treatment in the UK. I have no regrets over travelling across the world to carry out the treatment.

Raffiq Rawat



I am absolutely enjoying my Lasik expereince. I highly recommend Dr Anand Shroff and his team for conducting this operation on you. Its been over 3 yrs since I got it done and I must say I am absolutely satisfied with the operation.
However one must take all precautions before getting the operation done by taking the test which gives you a fair idea of the possible outcomes of the operation.

Rajeev Goenka



Best thing I ever did.

Jeetu Navlani


When I eventually decided to overcome my fear of LASIK, i approached Dr Shroff (who came recommended to me as the best there is in the business) and I was so well taken care of that i advise anyone seeking to undergo LASIK to seek the attention of the Shroff Eye Hospital. I am a new person today after the surgery and am physically much more active and attentive in my field of work, needless to say, i am happy and thankful to Dr Anand and Dr Safala Shroff for their kind care.

Keely Dorji


Initially I was going to have lasik done at Lasik MD in Toronto, but after hearing good reviews about the surgery in India I decided to give it a shot. I got Lasik done at Shroff eye institute in February 2007, I must say that it was one of the best decisions I made. Dr. Anand & Safala Shroff were exceptional and the entire experience was great. I highly recommend that people all over the world pay them a visit 🙂




I think my Lasik treatment is one of the best things that could have happened to me. Dr. Anand and Dr. Safala are just excellent with the way they handled everything and made me0 feel so comfortable. Although I did go through it a series of 3 times, because of tears due to anxiety after the operation, I would still highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about getting it done. Just make sure you dont shed a tear!
To sum it up, my overall experience was great. My high number has totally been corrected and I now have a totally clear vision. Dr. Anand and Dr. Safala were very helpful at every stage and made me feel at ease.

Amiri Gandhi



Although I was a little hesitant in getting LASIK done in India, the initial interactions I had with Dr. Safala helped mitigate my fears. Based on this, I set up the initial appointment with Dr. Anand during my vacation there two weeks ago. While in India, I found the team to be excellent. My initial meeting with Dr. Safala and Dr. Anand put me completely at ease. They also answered all the questions I had (which I had a lot).
The procedure itself was very easy and Dr. Anand did a great job. I was in and out of the clinic within an hour. There was absolutely no pain or discomfort during the procedure. My recovery was also quick and painless.
My vision is now better than 20-20 and I am very pleased with my decision to get LASIK done here.

Nikhil Gupta


I would like to share my experience here in addition to the fact that my case was handled very professiionally and with utmost care. After the procedure i took some time to get back sharpness on my vision. I had a blurr vision for almost a month to 6 weeks after the procedure. I used to call almost thrice a day to explain my apprehensions. However my confidence in Dr. Anand and Dr. Safala was reinstalled every time i called them for narrating my experience.
The explanations and reasoning for every question raised was convincing. The dryness persisted for some time after the sharpness returned but the correction procedure was perfect. I would like to appeal to one and all for displaying confidence and belief in staff and doctors of Shroff Eye Hospital. Especially Dr. Anand and Dr. Safala. All the best to them and the staff.

Nilesh Thadani



My Experience with Shroff Eye Clinic for crrection treatment of my eyes has been fabulous. All my apprehensions were patiently satisfied by Dr. Safala Shroff. Every question posted on email by me was promptly replied to my utmost satisfaction. The explanation is person specific and with medical reasoning which is very comforting and satisfying.
The post correction care is excellent. Never before have i found such detailed write up on the pre and post correction care. Dr. Anand is the best doctor we have in India and also in the World making India`s name proud. They have the latest technology which makes me feel proud and jubiliant. I have become their ambassador and promote this procedure to who ever is found interested to know more about this procedure.
The staff at Shroff Eye Clinic is hospitable and very helpful. Its an experience which is one of its kind. I would like to wish all the success to one and all at Shroff Eye Clinic and especially to Dr. Anand and Dr. Safala.

Nilesh Thadani



I had numbers as follows before my Lasik at Shroff Eye Hospital in 2006:Left Eye: -7 Righ Eye: -8. These numbers i had since childhood! After my this Laser Eye correction, i have experienced no problems what so ever! Infact i solely trust my eye with Dr Anand and Dr. Safala who I have 100% confidence in ! They are just not Doctors but specialists! My life from then has changed to positive.
I am very confident with myself and my looks now.
Infact i look even younger!

Thank you!

Miraj Shah
Nairobi, Kenya



I had my Lasik done about 3 Years ago. Although my number was very small I had 100% dependency on my glasses. At first, I was concerned about the process, its risks, but I must say the Counsellors at Shroff Eye walked me through the entire process and put me ease to opt for the Process. What struck me the most was the transparency in explaining the process and the highest patience level shown during the large number of Questions I had to ask. By the end of the Counselling, I was personally so relaxed and well informed about what I was in for. The wonderfull part of the entire process was the time. I dont think the entire process which was extremely painless, lasted more than 15 minutes. I was able to see extremely clearly, all within 1 day. The Vision became sharper over the next 7 days, and as I stand today, 3 Years Later, perfect! All I can say is that from being dependent on my glasses – fear of losing them on a vacation, fear of breaking them while driving, fear of sports, the uncomfortable feeling while swimming on the beach or the pool, is all gone.
Thanks to Shroff Eye, I truly feel liberated and free. I would reccomend this procedure to anybody. If any of you guys are thinking twice and want a patience prospective, feel free to e-mail me on


Aditya Prabhu



I am truly indebted to Dr. Anand Shroff and his team for this wonderful thing called LASIK that they have successfully performed on my eyes. I had been using glasses for 25 years and I was really finding it to be a major handicap, I was sick of it. It took a lot courage to decide that I should get the LASIK done on my eyes. Once I had made the decision I did some research and finally made a conscious choice to meet Dr. Anand Shroff. After meeting Dr. Anand there was no looking back. He made the whole experience so painless and enjoyable that I couldn`t believe it was so easy.
Today, 2 years after the procedure I am absolutley happy, satisfied and very much excited to be a free bird, free from the pain of using spectacles. It has also added a whole new confidence in me and the way I carry myself without the spectacles. I can’t thank Dr. Anand enough for giving me this new look and the freedom.

Samir Solanki



Although i was very apprehensive about the treatment initially, Dr Anand and his team alleyed my doubs right in the beginning by answering all my queries. While performing the surgery also, they kept telling me all that was happening, and I wasn`t in for any jolts or sudden surprises. The process is quick and painless. Not only is Dr Anand highly competent, but very amicable. He and his team put me at ease, and were very skiillful and friendly. Once the surgery was done, I felt a slight discomfort, but only for a few hours on the first day. The instructions given were very clear. However, the best part was that Dr Safla Shroff was so accessible. Whenever I had any doubts, queries, or apprehensions, she was just a phone call away. And that was very reassuring!
Over all, it was a very effective procedure. My vision is perfect now. I just observed all the precautions that i was told to, and recovery was fast.




The LASIK surgery was done on my eyes 2 years back.Since then I never had any problem with my eyes, the power never come back.All the promises made by doctor and team came true. It was after almost 12 years I could look at the beautiful world without spects. Thanks to Doctor and the team!!! I was bit scared what will happen during the surgey..but it was as painless experience as you can imagine. No pain after the surgery too.:) It was a great feeling when I got my eyes check up during medical examination before leaving for US, the eye doctor was amazed to see how beautifully the surgery was done. He actually called up other doctors to show this.But one thing I insist to all who are interested in or gone through LASIK surgery (which Dr. Anand always recommend) to use eye moistening eye drops and glasses with plus power if you are going to work in front of computer for long hours. As being a computer proffesional,this really helps to reduce strain on your eyes.

Aparna Deshpande



I’m 31 yr old from Dubai and I have been wearing spectacles since I was 7years old. I always wished that I could get rid of my glasses. My number was -4.5.I have been thinking about getting Lasik done for the last 10 years.However, I could never gather the confidence in the surgeon nor the procedure over the last couple of years. This year I decided to do some serious research and I sent email to all reputed lasik surgeons in Mumbai. I got emails from couple of reputed surgeons in Mumbai.However,it was the the first response from Dr.Safala Shroff that got me interested in Lasik.Therafter, I cross checked with other doctors about the technology offered by all of them. I found that Shroff Eye Clinic had the best technology.Further; Dr.Safala was very helpful by sharing all the information about Lasik and the technology offered by them. I must admit that the detailed guidance offered by Dr.Safala Shroff and the reputation of Dr Anand Shroff gave me the confidence to trust them. Thus I decided to get operated in Shroff Eye Clinic. I got operated on 30 June 2007 and I consider this as my new birthday.Dr Safala Shroff & Dr.Anand Shroff have given me a new life – A LIFE WITHOUT GLASSES!
The operation was a very smooth affair with Dr.Anand entertaining me all the time with his wonderful sense of humor. I was enjoying my time with Dr.Anand.I thank the entire team of Shroff Eye Clinic for their excellent support and wish them all the best for their future assignments. I have already started giving information about the lasik procedure to all my friends and I would be glad to refer them to Dr.Anand Shroff & Dr. Safala Shroff.

Nilesh Joshi


I got my lasik done Dec of 2006. I have been wearing glasses/contact lens for the past 20 yrs so this is was a very good decision for me.The doctors were very helpful and answered all my questions. The procedure was quick and the recovery time was a couple of days.
I would highly recommend this surgery and the doctors.

Radhika Gupta



marcI have seen the testimony in a TV-Magazine in Switzerland / Europe of a lady who got her eyes operated in the Shroff Eye-clinic in Mumbai, as this testimony was from a Swiss lady I had confidence in this clinic, I went there 2 months later and I did not regret for that very good experience, the medical personnal was very kind to me and until today 1 year after this surgery, I can still see clearly, I can really recommend this clinic.

Pieper Marc



I had my operation on 17 Feb 2007 and have been extremely pleased with the surgery. I was a little worried about having the surgery performed in India (I`m from the US, but have been working in India for the past year) but Dr. Safala answered all my questions over email within 24 hours both pre and post surgery. I did a lot of research on lasik, reading everything I could find on the web and reading 2 printed books on lasik. All sources recommended going to a high-volume lasik center, and since I had never seen the center to see how many customers actually get lasik with Dr. Anand I was a little skeptical. On my surgery date I can confirm that there were at least 6 other people who had lasik performed that same day. I was able to meet the people scheduled both before and after my surgery. The surgery only takes 15 minutes. There were at least 2 other foreigners on that same day performing the surgery. This is a high volume center.

Mathew Fong



I have my Lasik done in Feb 2007. I would like to thank all at the Shroff Eye Hospital for the warm, friendly and professional working environment. I would recommed anyone to use this centre for their Lasik treatment, because the treatment, from start to finish is handled brillantly and professionally by all those involved.Before the treatment, I had a lot of doubts but after consulting Dr Anand and Dr Safala, I was put at ease and the experince was painless and fruitful.I thank all the staff at Shroff Eye Hospital, especially Dr Anand and Dr Safala.

Ashraf Sidat



I had my operation on 17th Feb 2007. The pretest was on 16th and it gave me a good feeling about the procedure and quality. The doctor Anand and Safala were very professional and gave me a good feeling. Also during the operation they took good care of me, talking to me all the time which made me feel more relaxed because I was quite scared. Healing is now nearly completed, eveything is perfect, I can see without any problem. Never had imagined that I would be able to see without glasses.

Thanks a lot and I will recommend you for sure.
Best regards,

Barnali Gupta



beckersI would hereby like to say thank you to Dr. A.Shroff and Dr. S. Shroff for their perfect way of handling my visual correction via LASIK. Althought I did feel a little unsure if I should go for a visual correction in India, I felt beeing in good hands as soon as I met the Doctors first.
Thanks to their very friendly and highly professional way of dealing with me before, during and after the operation I can only recommend their service and the Shroff Eye Hospital

Christoph Beckers


I have been wearing spectacles from the age of 10. After school I started wearing contact lenses. I often thought about lasic surgery but was always scared that I would lose my eyesight. My eyes soon became sensistive to contact lenses. Wearing spectacles again after a gap of 16 years I found it horrible. After speaking to a few of my friends who recommended Shroff`s eye clinic very highly and after witnessing my mum`s cataract operation at the same clinic I was highly impressed by the clinic and decided to undergo the LASIK procedure myself. it was a truly amazing experience as there is hardly any discomfort. You come out without any pain, just experience some discomfort which again is nothing unbearable.
However I am now finally free of glasses and am beginning to take an interest in my appearance. It is amazing how one`s self confidence too increases. My only complaint is I wish I had gone in for it earlier instead of dealing with contact lenses and then suffering with spectacles. I yet use spectacles for reading but even that I can do for the most part without spectacles. I have advised all my friends to go in for it. The doctors at the clinic Dr. Anand Shroff and Dr. S. Shroff put everyone at their ease and make the whole procedure seem very effortless. It is like you breeze in and out.

Thanks once again Shroff`s Eye Clinic for my LASIK and my mum`s cataract operation performed by Dr. Rahul Shroff.

Melanie Velladares



I m 23 young n frivolous but with contact lenses of a high power i had a constant fear of bilndness bcoz frm cl 1 i got a high power and after going for a lasik at Shroff`s i i feel at the top of the world bcoz they took away the lable of “the defective piece ” frm me now i m 1 of u all normal people n when 1st i saw dr Anand i thoght tht he is quite young but then i realized tht i am in safe hands bcoz for me my eyes r my assets n now ican see directky through my eyes may god bless the whole team who was present on my surgery.




I am a fellow in Cardiology in University of Louisville. I had visited many centers in US for my Lasik procedures but I was not satisfied with any of the doctors I had met here in US. I think the Lasik procedure, which Dr. Anand does is far far better than any of the centers in US. I got my Lasik done by Dr. Anand and his team in the first week of May 2006. My experience with the team was excellent. Before going for my Lasik, I had communicated with Dr.Anand and Safala and they were very good in giving information about Lasik.

Thanks for the everything.

Santosh Sanganal Math



I visited India back in December 2005 in preparation for my wedding that was scheduled for the following year. I was only going to be there for 2 weeks. I did my research beforehand so I knew the Shroff Eye Hospital was one of the places I would check out. Anyhow, after I got to India, I saw one doctor and then met with Dr. Shroff. He assured me that I was a candidate and all would be well. I had my LASIK done on December 24, 2005.
Now, more than a year later, I can’t stop thanking what Dr. Shroff did for me! I wake up every day and am able to see!! I have referred my brother to get his surgery done there as well.

Thanks so much Dr. Shroff!


Sabah Dattu
Toronto, Canada



I am hugely appreciative of the skilled team at the Shroff Eye Centre. I hated wearing encumbering glasses and due to my computer work contacts were unacceptably uncomfortable, as such I mostly learnt to live with poor vision. Now thanks to the painless procedure there is a wonderful new clarity to my life. I was well taken care of post-procedure and I have developed no complications such as halos that sometimes you hear about.
A highly recommended procedure and a great place to have it done in.

Richard Betts


pravinI had a Lasik surgery with Dr Anand before 3 months, i am perfectly fine and quite thrilled to see my face without glasses after 18 long years. The operation was quite smooth and went without pain. I think I was the only one who came for the operation without anyone, so I was totally taken care by Dr Safala and nurses.  The cost is high when compared to others but the response and Quality is worth for it. I made an extensive research on websites and found that Waveguided lasik is the latest as of now and untill now (that is after 3 months) have not seen any side effect such as dry eyes.
I will update my testimonial after 8 or 9 months how my eyes are 🙂

UAE , 

johnI live in the United States in Silicon Valley and asked my friends in the medical laser business to tell me the best machine for Lasik. I was told that the German made Allegretto is the best equipment on the market. Some research on the internet confirmed that the Allegretto is considered the best. There are a few doctors in the United States with the 200 Hz Allegretto, but none with the latest, fastest 400 Hz machine, but I learned that the Shroff eye institute uses the 400 Hz equipment — the best on the market.  I interviewed Dr. Shroff and after fielding many questions, I felt very comfortable with trusting them to do my eyes and flew to Mumbai from California to have the procedure done. They spent quite a bit of time with me testing my eyes, showing me their equipment and procedures, and making sure I was good candidate for the procedures. The operation fixed my eyes from needing glasses all of the time, to having perfect vision in both eyes. I am amazed at how far I can see now. I was thoroughly impressed with how they handled to whole procedure from start to finish, even follow-up afterwards, to make sure everything healed properly.
I would highly recommend them for Lasik eye procedures, for the most professional care and the best equipment.

John Nobrega

High power and a thin cornea is a bad combination. Very few LASIK centres in Bangalore were willing to take such a risk. After visiting several LASIK centres and undergoing the tests repeatedly we hit upon Shroff eye clinic in Mumbai. All our questions have been answered in immaculate detail and all our fears allayed. It is a real miracle when 3 minutes of technology can put behind 15 years of spectacle wearing.What is most striking is the level of spohistication and precision of the equipment and the skill of the doctors and staff.
Thank you Doctors Safala and Anand Shroff for a life of freedom from glasses and confidence.

Aditi Bhagwat


After a thorough investigation and analysis of LASIK treatment options worldwide, I selected Perfect Wave as the best choice. Not only was my LASIK surgery very successful, but I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Dr Shroff and his highly trained staff. With state-of-the-art equipment, first rate facilities and an irreplaceable warm personal approach, I most strongly recommend Perfect Wave for anyone wanting LASIK treatment

Howard Aschwald
Chartered Financial Analyst
San Francisco, USA


I have resumed back to work and was justuncomfortable with the computer as it was aftera breakof 15 days and was feeling homesick too. Anyways thanks a lot for your kind cooperation for mylasik treatment. I am very happy and all my parents,relatives and friends have given their thanks andregards to you all. Dr Anand your hand was magic. God bless you and mayall your wishes come true. thanks once again.

Femeeda Khursheed



I was wearing spectacles since i was 8. i suffered from high progressive myopia which was genetic. shifting to contact lenses at the age of 15 did help me shed my shyness but it was a cumbersome task 22 i was convinced by Dr. Ananda and Safala Shroff to get a wavefront LASIK and the past 4 mths have been a world clearer than it it ever had been. thank you Dr. Shroff.

Mridu Pandey



My life has changed completely after a Lasik surgery at The Shroff Eye Clinic. Its been 2years since my operation, and since then i`v not faced any difficulty. Dr.Anand Shroff and his wife Dr.S.Shroff have been excellent all through my pre-surgery consultation as well as post-surgery.I was recently discussing the pros and cons of Lasik with my friend and all i kept saying that its amazing how it has change my life.

Farzana Thanawalla


LASIK changed my life! The effect is more than I had expected! Drs Shroff were very supportive before and after the operation with every aspect.I stopped Bombay before my holiday. Despite their busy schedule, they made it happen and I could have a fantastic holiday after the operation. There are a few things you should not do or be careful after the operation, but other than that, there was nothing that bothered me during the holiday. Drs would help you to plan your operation, considering your holiday before your operation booked. It’s been fantastic since I had LASIK. I do thank them for all!.

Michiko Yamasaki



Have no hesitation in recommending the Shroff clinic. As a US citizen I thoroughly researched my options here and came to the conclusion that what was being offered by Shroff was as good as, if not better than, anything available in America–and at a fraction of the cost. I was also very impressed by the prompt responses I receive to all my questions when I initially contacted Dr. Shroff and by his availability to address any concerns during my visit to Bombay for treatment. Now, several months later, I am most satisfied with the outcome of my Lasik surgery.

V. Shankar



harpreetI went to Bombay with absolutely no intentions to have the LASIK surgery. I had seen 2 ophthalmologists in NY about getting Custom Cornea Lasik and got a complete eval of my vision problerms and both of them recommended LASIK (My far vision was -6.5 diopters in both eyes-i.e i was practically blind without my glasses.I spent a lot of time on the internet learning about the various laser machines available. Most of the lasers available in NY, believe it or not, were of the 1st and 2nd generation as compared to the machine that Anand Shroff has ( which is latest generation) these machines shape the cornea only in the places that is required and not the whole of it, which is the case with the older machines. The newer one also burns the cornea faster. Mine took 12 secs or so of total laser exposure to each eye. That means lesser damage to the cornea and faster healing. The following morn i was able to see clearly, but being overcautious that I am, i kept my eyes shut untill the the next even. It is not that the latest machines are not availble in NYCity, but very few are avcailable and the centers charge 5-6 times more than what I paid with Shroff.
Besides both Anand and Safala were very courteous and understanding of the decision that i made to choose them for the surgery, provided detailed pre and post op pics/maps of my cornea to show me how much cornea was burned/reshaped. I was very satisfied with the results and have had absolutely no problem till date. It`s been almost 4 years now.
Besides the steps of surgery, I went over the technical aspects of the machine itself, including queries like how is the eyeball tracked with sudden involuntary movements? what happens if there is power outage? any human involvement in firing the laser, dose of laser, etc. all of my above questions were answered with complete satisfaction. He did a great job, I never felt i ever had glasses, after my surgery. I would advise you to do your research about the side-effects of the procedure. Some people can get tearing, halos and i did experience some halos around lights especially in the dark, for a few months initially, but it got better as my cornea healed. Best of luck for your procedure, it is truly a gratifying experience to have this procedure done and in a hands of a very experienced and informed Dr. Shroff.

Harpreet Singh


I`d like to thanks Dr.shroff and his team for their caring. Befor doing the lasik I was worried but after they explain the whole lasik prosedures, ive become more confident to do it. I do encourage other to do it.
All the best.

Maryam Al Shamsi



Thank you for everything, especially for your exquisite skills, professionalism, compassion, and courtesies. The procedure took a very short time, and the results were immediate and incredible! I`m enjoyed particularly the personal care what Dr Shroff provided; and your front office staff too are very pleasant. I am enjoying my freedom from glasses.

Helen Thadathil



I got my surgery done with Dr. Shroff in December of 2004. I live in USA and had emailed multiple eye surgeons in India to inquire about the surgery. I did not get a response from anyone, except Shroff Eye Hospital. I got all my questions answered via email before I even got to India! They are very responsive to patient needs, have a great facility, latest technology and Dr. Anand is great. I did not have any pain during the procedure, and my eyes healed up very good. I would highly recommend that if you are getting a Lasik done in India, Shroff Eye Hospital is the place to go!

Vaishali Shah



I did LASIK last year and it was very successfully. first when i decided to make LASIK i was very afraid because it`s first time for me to make sergery, but my sister encourage me and she tells me about Dr. Anand and Shroff eye clinic. my first impression when i went to Shroff eye clinic it was very good and i was compfortable when i talked to Dr. Anand and he explained for me how the sergery will be and what i should do about my eyes. i’d like to thanks Dr. Anand and his wife who made my experiance very esay.
Iam very happy now without eyeglasse and i am Practicing my life the end i’d like to advice all patient who wants to make LASIK do it in Shroff eye clinic
Thank u very much.




End of May 2006 I had my Lasik Surgery with Dr. Anand Shroff. I`m Swiss, but I decided to do Lasik here in India. Because of Dr. Shroff, who really is professional and using the best Laser and because of price. I`m so happy to have a Life without glasses! THANK YOU Dr. Shroff and Team! :-)I even opened a Blog in german, to show the diffrences in Lasik and for recomending Lasik in India to all german speaking people:

Daniela Ferrante



Dr. Anand and Dr. Safala made the entire experience relaxed, informative, and enjoyable. They took the time to answer all of my questions thoroughly and honestly, and before I underwent the procedure, I had no doubt in my mind that I had chosen the right place to come for LASIK. I truly wish all physicians took this much pride in their job.

Rishi Doshi


This was one of the best decisons I have ever made!I live in the UK and have wanted to correct the my vision for quite a while. A family member living in Mumbai underwent this procedure and with the highest of recommendations I went ahead had the appointment booked before I flew over to India.Both Dr Anand Shroff and Dr Safala Shroff are very professional and courteous and made me feel comfortable. The consultation was very thorough and the LASIK took only a matter of minutes. Finally being able to rid myself of my glasses has been one of the best experiences in my life.

Thank you!

Jayshree Solanki



I have always wanted to have corrective laser eye surgery since I knew it was available. I had the same fears as everyone else; will the surgery go well? What if something goes wrong and I loose my eye sight? What procedure should I go for? When can I have it done? Is it painful? As soon as I found out that my eyes had stabilised I started doing my research. I wanted the best technology available that would give me the best chance of natural eye sight. I live in the U.K but decided to look further a field to try to find the best possible treatment whether it was in the U.K or abroad. When I found Perfect Wave at Shroff Eye Hospital I was pleasantly surprised. They offered everything I wanted: the latest technology; a very clean and hygienic environment; experienced, competent and friendly staff and all at a very reasonable price. Any questions I had were answered promptly and appropriately until I was fully confident and content in booking the procedure.
The procedure was very quick and more importantly pain-free. I can’t believe the difference my ‘new eyes’ have made. I can now see first thing in the morning and swim with confidence I just wish I’d done it sooner!
I would definitely recommend the customised wavefront guided LASIK procedure and Shroff Eye Hospital.

Shaila Choi



I did my lasik surgery for both eyes at Shroff Eye Hospital, Bombay in Dec`05. My eyes have been fine after that. The doctor & staff there had been very helpful & gave clear instructions on do’s & don’ts..

Jai Kumar Hingorani


Thank you God for having people like Dr Anand to bring us the happiness we all like have in life. Its a real self satisfaction and the most unbelievable pleasure to have your eyes as perfect as you wish to. Getting rid of the glasses…….Thks again and wish you a carrier full of success!

Akash Mungroo


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