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Why Lasik

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Why people choose LASIK?

Some of the common reasons why people undergo LASIK or get rid of their spectacles and contact lenses are : contact lens intolerance, cosmetic reasons, social (marriage), tired of wearing glasses, and lifestyle activities that are inhibited due to glasses or lens wear such as outdoor sports like golf, football, water sports or hiking.

In some careers such as Merchant Navy and Airways or for commercial Pilots it is a requirement to have 20/20 or 6/6 vision. LASIK helps tremendously here.

Spectacles are cosmetically unappealing for some. There is a degree of distortion when looking through the periphery of the glasses, the field of vision is reduced and on leaving a cold room moisture can fog the glasses and blur vision for a few minutes. Hence glasses are unacceptable for certain careers.

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LASIK or laser eye treatment overcomes all these disadvantages.

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