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Alankrita PriyaI take this as a wonderful opportunity to thank people who brought an immense change in my life. I had been high myopic from quite an early age. Later i started using contact lenses and thankfully they didn’t remind me of my high power every time.But due to some problem i developed CL induced keratitis and vision in my right eye reduced drastically.I was disallowed to wear contacts ..and just used to hate those thick glasses..Thankfully i came to know about Dr.Shroff,a pioneer in the field of refractive surgery.He examined me and suggested to go for ICL.I underwent surgery in both eyes in March and enjoying excellent vision .. I am so thankful to Dr.Shroff for helping me out of this. He kept me busy in conversation throughout the surgery and i didn’t feel any pain. By evening i was able to see things clearly. Overall it was a very good experience at Shroff eye hospital and I cannot end this without thanking the staffs in the hospital. My special thanks to sister Aarti who kept on answering so many calls and also Ranjita for replying to me and number of mails..
Great Team..Keep it up..:)

Alankrita Priya

I recently underwent ICL surgery with Dr. Anand Shroff. I had a very high power in my both eyes. After the surgery, my life has totally changed. It is a very safe and painless procedure. Shroff Eye Clinic has given me a new vision. I would recommend ICL to every person who wants to experience a much more beautiful world through their naked eyes.

Aditi Jalan

Dar Dr. Shroff

Thank you so much for doing the icl surgery.
I can’t even describe how amazing the difference is now-even the small things like waking up and being able to see the clock. it’s made a huge difference to my life already!
The hospital was a great environment, and thank you for calling to check upon me personally after the operation- I really appreciated it.

Viveka Mainani,

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