Contoura Vision Topography – guided LASIK

Contoura Vision LASIK is the first personalized laser eye procedure available at Shroff Eye Mumbai. It is offered by the Alcon – Wavelight Laser Company only. It is an additional profile or software applied to their excimer laser which offers Topography linked treatment.

This can only be applied provided the doctor/centre is using the Topolyser Vario which is a diagnostic equipment for topography maps, which is then integrated into the laser.

Topography is the test done for corneal curvature and the Topolyer Vario is one of the best tools available today to collect this information.
Contoura Vision LASIK is, therefore, a topography-guided link procedure, which has received US FDA approval for the same; it has more advantage for those patients with corneal abnormalities (high cylindrical powers) or those with corneal imperfections.

Contoura LASIK Vs Smile or ReLEx Smile when comparing the two procedures, do keep in mind that both procedures are using different technique and technology. Both have a place in the refractive laser procedures, which means that some cases may do better using the Contoura LASIK whilst some cases may do better with ReLEx Smile laser treatments.

Contoura LASIK has also been compared with ICL or Implantable Contact Lenses ie. Contoura Vs ICL. Note that ICL is usually applied when LASIK or ReLEx Smile is found unfit for the person. ICL is an internal eye procedure, done for those with very high powers beyond the scope of any lasers or for those due to some other medical reasons, as detected during the examination, finds that ICL is a safer choice for that individual.

Only a small number of eye surgeons in the world have the opportunity to perform this LASIK procedure, and only those using the Wavelight-Alcon lasers.

The benefit is that it offers improved night vision and the most accurate LASIK results as compared to standard LASIK, but for that specific set of cases.

The Contoura platform combines the measurements with your glass prescription to optimize the focusing area. This procedure helps you by creating a highly personalized treatment plan.

The cost for Contoura LASIK in our centre is the same as that of Wavefront LASIK as we only offer the best of LASIK to you. Additional fees apply when doing Femto or Bladeless step prior to the LASIK.

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Now, the good thing with us at Shroff Eye Mumbai is that Dr Anand Shroff offers a wide range of laser procedures from

Wavefront LASIK
• Wavefront bladeless or Femto LASIK
• Contoura LASIK or topography linked LASIK
Relex Smile.

This makes us “fit you into the best-suited laser” and not just apply a generalized laser treatment for all eyes!
To know more, write to us or call on +919821163901 Dr Safala, our counsellor

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