Our Lasers

At Shroff Eye, we use the Wavelight 500 Hz excimer laser plus the VisuMax Zeiss laser platform.

Which type of treatment will be most suitable to your eye? Which laser? is determined during your LASIK evaluation with Dr Anand Shroff, our LASIK surgeon.

Wavelight 500 Hz Laser

Wavelight Ex500 laser


The Wavelight  500 Hz Laser

  1. Shroff Eye is the only hospital in India and one of few in the world to offer this technology for freedom from glasses and contact lenses.
  2. The fastest available treatment in the world treats one number (1 Dioptre) in 1.6 seconds
  3. 3 Types of customized treatments
  4. This laser technology saves over 40% of corneal tissue compared to other lasers
  5. Only laser technology stated by US FDA to improve night vision and enhance contrast
  6. The laser system most respected by LASIK surgeons today


  1. Fastest speed = faster treatment time. The faster visual recovery has better visual outcomes. Need only few hours rest
  2. Better quality of vision
  3. Fastest Eye Tracker in the world = laser treatment is perfect even if involuntary eye movements occur = Accurate Results
  4. Soothing painless experience
  5. Enhanced lifestyle after LASIK


VisuMax Zeiss Laser



The VisuMax Zeiss Laser

  1. The VisuMax is the latest in a series of Femto second lasers offering new possibilities and procedure options.
  2. It offers Femto bladeless LASIK, ReLex Flex and  eye Smile, both minimally intrusive procedures on the cornea


 Especially beneficial for the following candidates:

  1. High powers achieve better quality of vision
  2. High powers have more stability with less chances of regression (powers coming back)
  3. Those prone to dry eyes
  4. Those with corneal surface issues due to contact lens overuse
  5. Those in careers like frequent travels, extreme sports, Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, where recovery should be quick and safe
  6. Removes the disadvantages of discomfort and long recovery of other surface treatments like LASIK


Plan your LASIK at Shroff Eye in 9 easy steps™

Send us your e-mail response with any queries you may have to assess your needs or fill the below form
Have your evaluation appointment scheduled by e-mail or telephone
Rigorous Evaluation- Check up and specific tests at Shroff Eye-Bandra by appointment (1½ hrs)
Organize and Schedule the LASIK procedure (After the evaluation or by e-mail / telephone)
Fastest LASIK procedure (total 14 minutes, add another 9 minutes post procedure for instructions before going home)
Follow up LASIK check next day (10 mins)

Easy scheduling of further appointments
Your Final Check up between 5-10 days (at your convenience, by appointment)
Enjoy your vision…Open your eyes to a whole new world!

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