What is LASIK? Why LASIK in India?

Imagine waking up and seeing clearly without having to reach for your glasses or contact lenses. Laser Assisted Stromal In-situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) or Laser eye surgery is making this dream a reality for millions of people worldwide.

To make an informed decision we would like you to read the following information while considering this procedure.

Standard LASIK and Wavefront-guided Customized LASIK

Conventional / Standard LASIK

For those having only lower order aberrations:- ie. Refractive errors of the cornea alone like myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism, which can be effectively treated by spectacles, contact lenses or conventional LASIK procedures.

LASIK is a method of re-shaping the external surface of the eye [the cornea] to correct low, moderate and high degrees of nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness.

Standard LASIK achieves very good results in most patients. However, wavefront-guided LASIK offers a customized treatment for each eye. Wavefront-guided LASIK involves correcting not only the refractive error of the eyes [as in standard LASIK] but also the internal optical imperfections of the eye. A 3-D map of the eye called a wave-print is formed, which is also treated with the laser.

Wavefront procedures often leave patients with eyesight better than normal.

NOTE: In certain cases Standard LASIK treatments could lead to an increase in the magnitude of higher order aberrations, such as those discussed above. Unpredictable results may occur, more so in treatments with lasers that are not technologically advanced. Hence, it is very important to screen the right candidate for Standard LASIK.

Wavefront-guided procedures help avoid a number of side effects like glare and poor night vision since they remove higher-order errors of the eye [abbrerations] that regular LASIK (based solely on the glasses prescription) often misses.
The highly advanced WaveLight 500 Hz Laser we use in Mumbai, India uses a “Flying spot” of 0.9 mm, which is necessary for accurate placement of laser treatment, particularly for customized treatments.

Advantages of LASIK at Shroff Eye Hospital in India

  • Saves upto 40% corneal tissue as compared to most lasers hence able to treat higher numbers much safer.
  • Accuracy of treatment since we use the fastest laser – takes 1/5th the time that other lasers.
  • Precision, even if your eyes move during treatment – as this laser has the Fastest Eye Tracker, which tracks your eye at 500 times a second.
  • Faster healing and visual recovery -resume work on Day 2.
  • Due to corneal savings we can treat patients which other centers cannot who otherwise on other lasers would have been left with a residual error (number).
  • Many lasers have between -5.00 D and -7.00 D spherical and up to – 3.00 D cylindrical as their upper limit of a safe treatment, hence higher chances of residual errors. Our upper limit is -12.00 D spherical and – /+6.00 D cylindrical.

The laser has a high-speed eye tracker to track very fine eye movements that the naked eye cannot see
The WaveLight 500 Hz Laser has the fastest eye-tracker and treatment time worldwide, so that the treatment is completed before the treatment surface unevenly dries out, avoiding post procedure visual irregularities.

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