Contoura LASIK for Army/ Railway medical exam

Is Contoura surgery is detectable during army/ Railway medical test?

This is a frequently asked question to us, especially before the enrollments.

Some LASIK centres are misguiding our youth by informing that Contoura bladeless LASIK IS NOT DETECTABLE!! PLEASE BEWARE OF SUCH CLAIMS!

Factual Answer: The detection depends on the testing done, or examination carried out, the examining doctors skill and experience plus the manner tested. If it’s a simple eye test, not likely to go noticed. But detailed testing with a slit lamp test, may raise queries especially if a recent procedure is done as the edge of the flap is seen.

Now, please understand that whether LASIK is done by Blade or Bladeless method, Contoura or not, The flap edge is present. When the word “LASIK” is used, then a flap has to be created. It is this flap that is sometimes detectable during a detailed check up.. Therefore, we advise our patients to best give 3-4 months time for proper healing as with this at least you are reducing the chances of detection. esp with modified procedures like Epi-Contoura or surface treatments like PRK.

But again, the doctor who is checking is an important role as is his experience which can be a game changer.
You can take a chance. But No doctor can honestly give guarantees with any type of LASIK…not even Contoura bladeless!!

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