Indian Air Force Vision Medical Standards

One must have 6/6 in one eye and 6/9 in other, which can be correctable to 6/6 only for hypermetropia.

Vision Defects

  • Manifest hypermetropia must not exceed +2.0D Sphere.
  • No Myopia.
  • Astigmatism must be +0.75 D Cyl with +2.0 D maximum
  • Near Vision must be N-5 each eye.

Near vision is determined using “Times Roman” type and is assessed at reading distance (30-50 cm) and at 100 cm. The 100-cm distance is important in the aircraft cockpit and similar environments and for users of CRT displays. When two values are shown, such as N5 and N14, the first value refers to the reading distance (30-50 cm) and the second value to the 100-cm distance.

Color Vision must be CP-1(ML T). Color Perception-1: The correct recognition of coloured lights shown through the paired apertures on the Holmes-Wright lantern at LOW BRIGHTNESS at 6 metres (20 feet) distance in complete darkness.

LASIK Surgery

LASIK Surgery for correction of vision is admissible in Transport and Helicopter streams of Short Service Commission (Flying Branch) If the following condition are fulfilled at the time of Air Force medical examination.

  1. LASIK Surgery should not have been carried out before the age of 20 years.
  2. The axial length of the eye should not be more than 25.5 mm as measured by IOL master.
  3. At least twelve months should have lapsed post uncomplicated stable LASIK. No history or evidence of any complication.
  4. The post LASIK corneal thickness as measured by a corneal pachymeter should not be less than 450 microns.
  5. Individuals with high refractive errors (>6D) prior to LASIK are to be excluded.
  6. Candidates must not suffer from colour or night blindness.
  7. Ocular Muscle Balance: Eyes should be well aligned and should have normal binocular vision. No manifest squint permissible. Convergence must be adequate. Ocular movements full and free Ocular muscle balance can be tested with the cover test, the Maddox rod or an approved vision tester.

At 6 meters

Exophoria 6 prism Diopters

Esophoria 6 prism Diopters

Hyperphoria 1 prism Diopters

Hypophoria 1 prism Diopters

At 33 cm

Exophoria 16 prism Diopters

Esophoria 6 prism Diopters

Hyperphoria 1 prism Diopters

Hypophoria 1 prism Diopters

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