Our Latest Technology – Concerto 500 HZ LASER

What is so unique about our laser?

Features : Concerto Laser Vs Other Lasers 

  •  Only one of 10 in the world, the only one in India
  • Accuracy of treatment since we use the fastest laser – takes 1/5th the time that other lasers take for similar numbers hence better patient compliance.
  • Precision, even if your eyes move during treatment- as this laser has the Fastest Eye Tracker, which tracks your eye at 500 times a second.
  • Faster healing and visual recovery.
  • Saves upto 40% corneal tissue as compared to most lasers hence able to treat higher numbers much safer.
  • Due to corneal savings we can treat patients which other centers cannot who otherwise on other lasers would have been left with a residual error (number)
  • Only laser technology stated by US FDA to improve night vision and enhance contrast.
  • The laser system most respected by LASIK surgeons today.
  • The Concerto Laser is one of the only laser systems to receive a Feng Shui Certification as it gives an impressive answer in its form to the search of the patient – who is always the center of attention – for a state of security, release and rest.
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