Planning for LASIK, Laser Eye Surgery in Mumbai, India

How good and safe is LASIK (laser) eye surgery in India, Mumbai?

Anywhere in the world, the safety norms remain the same. Safety should be your first concern, as it is ours also! You need to look out for a centre with a good reputation, credibility in the field, with surgeons of experience and using new advanced lasers for laser eye surgery or LASIK.

It is a ‘surgery’ at the end of the day. To have a successful outcome there is not one factor but several that need to be looked into. You not being the ideal candidate, or the surgeon not having enough experience, or the laser being outdated or not kept in its optimal condition, infection control methods in the Clinic or centre, these are just some factors where things can go wrong. This does not depend on region or country in general. India, in fact, has access to the latest technologies even before the USA in this field, in most LASIK lasers. However, there may be certain adverse effects or complications that you must be informed about. Read more on for the same.

Which is the best hospital/clinics for LASIK surgery in Mumbai?

It is natural for me to answer Shroff Eye Hospital in Mumbai with Dr Anand Shroff. However, there is a reason why we are proud to make such claims!

Why choose Shroff Eye Mumbai?

Our doctor — Dr Anand Shroff

  • Most experienced in Wavefront LASIK in India, over 20 years of experience
  • Performed over 30,000 treatments and continuing
  • Has trained over 100 doctors from all over the world for this technology in Germany
  • First in India to use the Wavelight Allegretto Eye Q 400 Hz laser,  our former laser
  • First and only eye doctor in India to use the Concerto 500 Hz laser

Our Technology

Wavelight 500 Hz excimer laser + The Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser

  • One of few centres in the world to use the best laser platforms – The Wavelight 500 Hz excimer laser + The Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser
  • Customized treatments based on the person’s needs, corneal shape, eye data, spectacle numbers and even age requirements to give a precise result

Our Centre

  • The first Eye Hospital in India certified by the Joint Commission International [JCI], USA
  • Trained Engineer runs checks on the Laser before every treatment, which ensures accurate results

How much does LASIK (laser eye surgery) cost in Mumbai?

 The cost of surgery not just in Mumbai, but all over the world in different cities will differ. The reasons being different lasers, different technologies, and expertise of surgeons, whether it is a single user centre or many doctors share the same laser…all these matters in terms of cost.

Try and avoid ‘shopping’ online for this. But make decisions on information which is ethical, honest and where you have trust. You may find LASIK as low as Rs 20,000/- but then you will wonder why it is so cheap? and then again you may find it as high as above 1 lakh, and again you may wonder why so expensive?

Hence, do not base your decisions on cost.

Focus more on the pre-laser eye surgery examination or evaluation where it is important for you to find out if you are suitable for laser eye surgery and which type is suitable for you. The advantage at Shroff Eye Mumbai is the experience of Dr Anand Shroff, his two laser platforms which cover the entire range of laser eye surgeries such as Wavefront or custom LASIK, Contoura LASIK, Bladeless LASIK, Relex Smile, PRK, Advanced surface ablations like Epi-LASIK and therefore he can fit the best-suited surgery for your eyes.

This is the reason we treat patients looking for laser eye surgery from various countries/ cities such as USA, UAE, Dubai, Kuwait, South Africa, Lusaka, Zambia, Durban, Sudan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, UK, London, etc.

Write to us at for the current rates at Shroff Eye Mumbai.

How many days can I expect to stay in Mumbai?

 If planned well, you need not spend more than a weekend. For example, if the checkup is done on Friday, laser eye surgery on Saturday, then follow up on Sunday, you may fly out on Monday evening. If in Mumbai for longer, then Dr Shroff will see you again.

Do I need any follow up when I leave your country and reach my hometown?

Not usually, other than the annual eye examination for general health of the eyes. When in Mumbai, we do this check ourselves for continuity of care.

Do you charge differently for overseas patients to local private patients? What percentage of overseas patients do you have?

 Our fees are the same for those living anywhere in the world or from different nationalities. We do not charge extra unlike some hospitals for NRI patients.

What sort of accommodation do you offer? Is there any at the clinic or is it a particular Hotel you are affiliated with? What would be the approximate daily rates?

Ours is a daycare centre with no overnight accommodation, however, if necessary we can send you a list of names of hotels nearby who offer a special rate less than their rack rate for Shroff Eye patients. Do write to us on for this information. When we help schedule your appointments we can help you with this information too.

How much notice is required? 

To ensure the availability of our doctor, please write to us before booking your flights.

This examination procedure takes about two hours in our centre and the only important instruction you need to follow is to be off soft contact lenses for about 3-4 days before the examination and off hard or semi-soft contact lenses for about 3 weeks.

Can I do the pre-evaluation in my country or town before visiting Mumbai, India?

Even if you do, it will be mandatory for us to rely on our own examination findings hence necessary to repeat tests. Some with high powers still undergo the tests in their country to get an idea regarding their candidacy or eligibility for the laser eye surgery. You may share the same with us for a free opinion.

After how many days will it be safe to travel to my hometown by train or flight after the laser eye treatment? 

The LASIK procedure is usually planned on fixed days, once or twice a week and you need to inform us a week before for scheduling the date and confirm the availability of Dr Shroff. Therefore recommended checking his schedule before booking flights. The surgery time is not more than few minutes per eye and you can return to your hotel/ home immediately after our team has explained the medication eye drop schedule. We need to definitely see you for a post LASIK check up preferably the next day and once again only if still in Mumbai. Those who live close to Mumbai (like Pune, Nashik etc) usually go home the next day after their examination and then seen again after 7 to 10 days. It is safe to take a flight, train, bus after three days of LASIK or laser eye surgery.

Can I travel within India on a holiday immediately after LASIK? 

After three to four days, yes, it is safe to travel. The instructions will remain the same geographically! There will be eye drops that you need to use. Some activities may be delayed depending on the type of laser eye surgery you have undergone. For example, swimming/ scuba diving will be allowed almost immediately in ReLEX smile surgery and after few weeks in LASIK, unless it is just wading in the pool/ sea with necessary precautions. This needs to be discussed with us.

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