Who Can Have Epi-LASIK

Who Can Have Epi-LASIK?

It’s not for everyone, but many consider it a better option for some patients who will probably not do very well with LASIK or would have been unfit for the same. These include people who have thin corneas or dry eye issues.

And those who have professions which involves excessive computer use or careers like airline, Merchant Navy etc where LASIK is disallowed, EpiLASIK is a good alternative.

We perform Epi-LASIK, which is the newest form of ‘Advanced Surface Ablation’ performed today with the most advanced and fastest laser system in the world- the Wavelight 500 Hz laser. It provides patients with an alternative to LASIK who would otherwise not be a candidate for traditional refractive surgery.

Because there is no ‘flap cut’ on the eye, Epi-LASIK has a much safer post-operative profile than LASIK.

Epi-LASIK is the perfect procedure for people who perform certain high risk professions such as:

  • Airlines- Pilots and Cabin Crew
  • Police
  • Military
  • Firemen
  • Contact Sports
  • Other “physical” jobs or those with hobbies that increase the chance of being hit in the eye (such as boxers, and racquet sports enthusiasts) may find Epi-LASIK safer than LASIK because there’s no risk of the flap being dislodged.

Epi-LASIK has a safety advantage over LASIK but also is preferred in patients who have thin corneas and dry eyes. Because only the surface of the Cornea is treated the corneal nerves regenerate faster after Epi-LASIK.

Earlier, high numbers, thin corneas, dry eyes were turned away but thanks to EpiLASIK, a procedure evolved from LASIK, previously unsuitable candidates now have renewed hope.

The difference is only in the pre laser treatment or initial steps; however the laser part of the treatment which actually treats the number is the same.

What to expect after Epi-LASIK?

The biggest drawback to Epi-LASIK is discomfort and longer healing time. LASIK allows patients to have surgery on a Friday and return to work on Monday with great vision and very little, if any, discomfort.

Epi-LASIK on the other hand requires at least One Full Week of healing and visual recovery. It has been our experience that most patients recover functional vision within 3-5 days and the minimal discomfort (which include light sensitivity and foreign body sensation) lasts for 1-3 days.

Advanced Surface Ablations such as Epi-LASIK is becoming increasingly more common because of the safety profile and the quality of vision achieved when combined with Wavefront analysis.

Epi-LASIK is the preferred treatment of Military Pilots in the United States Air Force and Navy.

To find out if Epi-LASIK is right for you, call Dr. Safala Shroff, our counselor on +91-98211-63901 today.

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