When can I swim after Laser Eye Surgery?

Swimming, in general, is safest after 3-4 weeks of LASIK or a laser eye surgery where a ‘flap’ has been made. It is also best to always use swimming goggles in chlorinated pools to protect the eyes from allergies post swimming.
Many undergo LASIK or laser eye surgery during their vacation and time may be spent near a beach or a pool. It is alright to ‘wade’ in the water with swim eyewear, or if just ‘lounging’ by the pool, with sunglasses within a few days of the treatment.

What should I do if the swimming pool or sea water enters my eyes?

If the eyes smart or sting do not worry, that is normal. Important is not to rub eyes hard. Clean the eyes with fresh clean drinking water if pool or sea water enters the eyes. Then use the eye drop that you are using as per the prescribed schedule. If none, then use any moisturizing or artificial tear eye drop for few times that day till symptoms subside.

When can I go scuba diving or white water rafting or other water sports after laser eye surgery?

The ideal time would be 3-4 weeks post surgery. However, if you are a professional swimmer or athlete that needs to get back in the water immediately, then speak to Dr Anand Shroff, our laser eye surgeon, as he may recommend ReLex Smile laser eye surgery over LASIK in certain cases. Your eyes are more susceptible to irritation and allergies for few weeks after the laser surgery, so do be careful. Hot tubs for example are sources of infection, so avoid them for the first month.

For how long should I use swimming goggles after laser eye surgery?

It is interesting that one expects to discontinue using good measures and precautions that safeguard your eye health in general! It is important for you to always protect your eyes with good swimming goggles or eyewear. This has nothing to do with LASIK or Laser eye surgery, but is a good habit in principle to keep away allergies and infections.

What should I do if my eyes turn red after a swim?

This is usually temporary if the eyes have opened in the chlorinated water or water has splashed inside the eye or if you have rubbed your eyes hard. If you are still using eye drops, continue the same. Those using moisturizing eye drops or artificial tear eye drops can use them a few times this day. If the redness persists, or starts itching, with tearing and discharge, then it is best to see your eye doctor to rule out infection.

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