When can I wear eye makeup before and after LASIK Laser Eye Surgery?

Makeup, in general, should not be used on the day of laser eye surgery, not even perfume as it affects the laser energy. The eye makeup should be removed before laser eye surgery. Lipstick and moisturizer are fine to use on the day of LASIK, but no eye makeup.
After Laser eye surgery, the eye makeup like mascara, eyeliner, kajal, eyeshadow should be avoided for at least a week to 10 days as there is the treatment of eye drops post LASIK going on and chances of infection or allergies increase with its use.
After LASIK make up like lipstick can be started next day, face light makeup also is fine to use, however eye makeup should be avoided.
Some use heavy eye makeup or use stick on eyelashes due to their profession as actress or cabin crew. They should avoid for at least 7 days. The most important thing is also how to remove eye makeup, without it going inside the eyes. Use good eye makeup remover and clean in an outward motion from nose to ear direction in sweeps.

What to do if makeup enters the eyes?

If makeup enters the eye, wash eyes with clean water. Shut the eyes for a few minutes. If you have access to eye drops, or if using some schedule post LASIK or laser eye surgery, then use the eye drops from your prescription. Otherwise, use any artificial tears or moisturizing eye drops to soothe the eyes.

When can I start applying heavy makeup or do a facial after LASIK or Laser eye surgery?

Usually, the safe time is after 10 days or 15 days of the laser eye surgery. Also, it is good to use the same makeup brands that you know you are not allergic to or which you have used in the past like hypoallergenic makeup. Do not experiment with new makeup after surgery.

When can I put water in my eyes after LASIK or after any type of laser eye surgery?
Washing eyes after surgery or even before surgery is not a good habit and not advised by the eye doctors, but you may wash your face with eyes closed the next day after LASIK using your usual face wash or mild soap. If accidentally water enters the eye, do not worry. But do not rub eyes hard. Also, the only time you should wash eyes is if something goes inside, like makeup or creams.

What to do if tap water gets into the eyes?

The water may sting your eyes as it would even otherwise. It is, however, not a good idea to purposefully wash your eyes or splash water in your eyes. It is questionable that tap water is free from bacteria. It also washes away your natural tears which protect your eyes.

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